Wednesday, May 3, 2017

To Love Like Jesus

A few days ago I posted a picture on Facebook of Tobias taking a nap with me on the couch.  I had written that we had a long night and I would write a blog post later to explain it.  Well, here is later...

Last Friday morning, I woke up from a dead sleep at 3am and felt an urgency for Chris to put a lock on our backyard fence.  It was one of those wake ups that is really hard to go back to sleep because your heart is beating out of your chest.  As I was waking up, all kinds of  fears started popping into my head.  The main fear was  that if Chris didn't get that lock on the gate that our kids would be taken from our backyard.  I got up and went to the couch because Chris was heading out of town that afternoon for the Men's Retreat.  He would be teaching the sessions, and  I wanted him to be well rested for the weekend.  I go to the couch and spend some time praying, reading scripture/my devotional and begin to feel at peace. I am a dreamer, so I have learned to pray through some pretty upsetting dreams.  I figured there was no better way to handle this situation than through prayer.  Anyways, a few minutes later I hear a police car in full sirens drive by our house.  This is an unusually occurrence, but I didn't think too much of it since our street runs between two major streets.  I just thought that it was the quickest route to where the police officer needed to go.  I was still wide awake, so I decided to read a book on the Kindle to help me get sleepy.  Well, about 20 minutes later I see a person in our backyard with a flashlight!! Oh, the paralyzing fear that came over me!!!!  I get off  from the couch to head to our room to wake up  Chris and grab my phone.  As I was walking back to our room, I notice a police car idling in front of our house.  We call the police and all they told us was that they were canvassing the area.  We could see the police going from our yard to our neighbors' yards (five all together) for a good 30-40 minutes.  Then the police car started going down the street to the next section of yards.  Needless to say it was pretty hard going back to sleep.

Later that morning, I sent a text to some ladies asking them to be my prayer warriors. I shared with them what happened and then I wrote:

Please pray for me and my tiredness and taking care of these kiddos while Chris is out of town.  Sometimes in my tiredness I get grumpy and snap.  I don't want to walk around a grumpy/snapping momma the next couple of days!  I don't sleep well normally when Chris is gone, but with this event from this morning...well, I can't even imagine!! I told Chris that I was seriously considering putting all the hurricane windows down at bedtime.  I was kinda joking, but he encouraged me to do so.  I was hoping he would tell me I was being silly, but he didn't.  I don't want to walk around in fear...or should I say stay awake in fear.  I feel like a majority of this is a spiritual attack...I mean of all nights for this to happen, it happens the day Chris is to leave town for the weekend!  So just pray for us...for me...and for Chris.  Thanks, Ladies!

The love that came flowing through my phone after that was unbelievable!

"Ok, PRAYING for you and the family"

"Oh dear friend, I'm so sorry! I've never heard of anything like that happening in our neighborhood, it does seems to be a very special situation! Praying for you today and will continue to ask the Lord for practical ways we can help..."

"Standing firm in faith with you. Jesus, command your angels to stand sentry around the Greenwood home...and all of our homes as our husbands are away.  No weapon formed against us will stand. In your mighty name...amen"

"I'm sorry, Sara! We had that happen during the day at our other house so I can't imagine during the night!! Pray for peace and protection for you!! Love you!"

"Ahh...I can understand your fear, but God has you in his care.  I pray you have peace and sleep well knowing His protection is over you and your house.  I'm so sorry this happened."

Me: Thanks, Ladies!! Your prayers mean a lot to me and Chris!

"Love you!! Praying security of physical home and heart now!!"

"Isaiah 54:17 and Proverbs 18:10.  Praying both of these verses over the Greenwood household!! You are loved and you are SAFE with Him!! I love you!"

"Praying protecting on the Greenwoods!!"

"Oh Sara! That is completely terrifying. I'm so glad you weren't alone when it happened.  Rest in the peace of knowing you are protected under the shadow of his wing!"

"So many spiritual attacks are happening across the board in our KPC family! Satan does not want this weekend for our men to be successful.  But we know that greater is He that is within us and He that is within our men than he that is within the world!"

Me: Amen! We must be on bent knee this weekend!  Not only for the men on the retreat, but also for the ones at presbytery...elders and Pastor M. finishes the final step of becoming ordained.


"I love being a woman and wife in community with you all!"

"Yes!!! I totally agree!"

"We are praying for everyone at the presbytery!"

This is what my heart needed! The Lord knew I needed these prayers.  I could feel their prayers working! I felt loved by these ladies. But God in His goodness didn't stop there. He not only wanted me to feel their love for me, but He wanted me to experience His love!

Later Friday morning, I got a text. It said:
"Do you want me to come and spend the night with you tonight?"  
I felt tears rising in my eyes to receive such a loving offer.  

Then about an hour later I got another text. It said:
"Hey you need me to sleepover at your house?"
I was amazed! 

Another hour later, I got another text. It said:
 "I know it is a long shot, but would you want to come over and sleep at our house tonight with me and the kids? You are welcome!" 
I was beside myself!

Then later that afternoon, I got a phone call.  My friend was wanting to know if I wanted to load up the kids and come to their house for the night. 
I was in tears by this point.

Then that night I got another text.  It said:
"The hubby wants you to call us immediately if you have any concerns! Would it help if I came
 to sleep over?"  
 I stood in amazement of the love He was showing me!

As the day went on, my heart was exploding from all of this love coming my way...the love of God!  I have discipled many ladies through 1 John 3:16-17, but on this day I experienced the love of 1 John 3:16-17 in a tremendous way! 

"This is how we’ve come to understand and experience love: Christ sacrificed his life for us. This is why we ought to live sacrificially for our fellow believers, and not just be out for ourselves. If you see some brother or sister in need and have the means to do something about it but turn a cold shoulder and do nothing, what happens to God’s love? It disappears. You made it disappear."
-The Message

So early that morning, Satan was trying to bring fear into my life.  He was trying to keep our focus off of what God had called Chris to do that weekend to further His Kingdom's work.  I am thankful that I had friends to call on to be my prayer stand in the gap for me and my family. But what I am even more thankful for is that I was a part of God's love didn't disappear because these ladies listened and obeyed as the Spirit led them to love like Jesus! 

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  1. Wonderful testament of God's abiding love, His faithfulness to us and through us.