Friday, July 3, 2015

The Unknown

This morning the Hooties and I headed to Chick-fil-a, so they could play while I got some lesson planning done.  That was my plan, but once again God had something different in mind.  There was an older gentleman there reading his Bible near the entrance of the play area.  As I was getting settled, he asked me if I believe in God.  That was the beginning of our conversation.  Once he realized and believed that I am a follower of wasn't a done deal when I told him that I am married to a pastor :),  he began encouraging me in the faith.  He knew nothing of our circumstances of being without a call for the last 10 months, he knew nothing about all the ups and downs of waiting and waiting some more.  He spoke of keeping the faith during times of trials and waiting.  He reminded me that His ways are not our ways.  That He has a purpose and a plan for us and sometimes it takes time and  preparation for that to happen.  So, I left Chick-fil-a feeling encouraged and remembering that God's timing is perfect.

We continued on with our morning and stopped at Walmart to pick up a few groceries.  It was like any other stop...getting our fruits and veggies, letting the Hooties get a twisty tie to play with, telling them no that they can't get a bunch of chocolate as we are checking out.  We got to the van and were loading up when from a couple parking spaces down I heard a young girl ask, "Hey!  Is it hard having that many children?"  I replied, "It isn't as hard as it used to be."  She then said, "I just found out I am having a baby."  I said, "Congratulations that is so exciting!"  She hung her head in shame and said, "I am only 16."  I told her, "You have a precious life there and that is worth being excited about."  She picked her head up and looked  a little surprised by the words coming from my mouth.  I continued to put the groceries in the van when the Holy Spirit told me to go and tell her about the Pregnancy Support Center here in town.  So, I walked over to her car and asked if she had heard about the Pregnancy Support Center and she told me she hadn't.  I encouraged her to go there because they would help her to prepare for this precious life.   That she could take parenting classes, that she could earn baby bucks to buy diapers and clothes from their store.  She told me that she would tell her mom about it.  I told her that the most important thing that she could do right now was to be healthy (she was smoking when she first called out to me) to give this life a fighting chance.  She then got  out of the car and lifted her shirt so I could see her growing belly.  I smiled and told her that there was a precious life in there.  This time instead of hanging her head in shame, she smiled at me. I pray that she will go to the Pregnancy Support Center to get the help and encouragement to become the mom that I know she can be.

So, again this is not the day that I had planned, but it is definitely the day that I needed.  Being encouraged by a complete stranger as we continue to wait on the Lord and being able to encourage a young teen girl who is probably scared right now.  Even though there is a 20 year age difference, this teen girl and I are walking a similar path. I pray that we both grow in our faith in Him as we walk this path of the unknown.