Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Last Day of School

Well, the 2014-2015 school year at 268 Academy is officially over!  Where has the school year gone!?!?  I can't believe that Josiah is now in 2nd Grade.  Sophie will be officially enrolled in Kindergarten (she did Kindergarten work all year, but we didn't register her with the state to give her and Josiah a couple of years separation in school).  Kyrie will be in PK-2 and Tobias will be in PK-2 next year.  It is so crazy how fast these Hooties are growing up!  Can time please stand still for just a few minutes!?!?  Here are some beginning and end of year pictures of the older Hooties...and Tobias got in there because he wants to be just like his big brother and sisters. 

Josiah--September 2014-First Day of 1st Grade

Josiah-June 2015-Last Day of 1st Grade
Sophie--September 2015-First Day of Kindergarten 1

Sophie-June 2015-Last Day of Kindergarten 1
Kyrie--September 2014-First Day of PK-3

Kyrie--June 2015--Last Day of PK-3
Tobias wanted to have his pictures taken

The Hooties have done an amazing job this year.  They adjusted well considering we have been seeking God and waiting for Him to reveal our next call.  We are preparing for our next school year, and I am like a kid on Christmas morning getting our books for next year!  I have started lesson planning already because I know September will be here before we know it and getting lessons ready for four Hooties is no joke!!!  I am trying to be wise with my time, too, because we don't know when the Lord may show us where we are going next. 

We are going to enjoy our summer by doing some fun science experiments, Bible lessons with crafts, library class, focused swim time with Daddy, outdoor game time.  We will also finish up our math lessons and Josiah will finish his underwater zoology.  We also plan on spending some time at the pool and hanging out with friends. So, as you can see we will stay busy.  Hope you all have a great summer and get some good quality time with your friends and family.