Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Here it is 4:15am, but I have been up since 2:45am.  I have been restless with anticipation of the movers coming this morning.  The kind of restless that I remember feeling as a child on Christmas morning...waking up in the middle of the night to go see what has been left under the Christmas tree, but knowing that it is way too early to get out of bed.  The benefit of being an adult...I can get out of bed without getting in trouble.  Well...the hubby may fuss a little in the morning telling me I need to get sleep so I don't wear myself out, but that is OK because when you are are excited!

It has been over 14 months since we have had our own home and over two years since we felt like the Lord was going to make a change in our life.  If you asked me two years what my life would like, I wouldn't of imagined this.  It is a good thing because if there is anything I have learned over the last couple of years, it is that GOD's timing IS PERFECT.

The last couple of years have been hard...real hard.  There has been pain...tears...stretching...molding...
forgiveness...maturing.  As much I couldn't see it, I now realize how much I NEEDED the last two years. I needed the last two years so I could mature in my faith in a way that only He can grow a person.  There were times when I felt so much pain that I just wanted to walk away from my faith.  In my immaturity, I thought if God REALLY loved me, He wouldn't have caused all this heartache that I was going through. But I had people praying for me...they were standing in the gap...they were fighting for me with their prayers.  And I am thankful for each prayer offered on my behalf because satan didn't win...God prevailed!

I needed the last two years so God could strip away Sara Greenwood and fill me up with His Spirit.  With His Spirit I now have a better understanding of who I am in Him...who He created me to He wants me to love those that He puts in my life. There were times over the last two years when I had no idea who I was...what His purpose was for me...and had a hard time loving people the way He wanted me to love.  I wanted Him to come quickly and soothe my pain, so I could get the gold star to say I worked on these areas.  But I am thankful that He didn't do a quick fix because if He had it would have been just like putting a band-aid on a wound when I should have been heading to the hospital for stitches. I am thankful that GOD's timing IS PERFECT.   I am thankful that He saw what I needed...not what I desired.  I am thankful that He loved me enough to not leave me where I was.

So, as we prepare to set-up our home, I am excited because the Hooties will have their own bedrooms again...Chris and I will have our own sanctuary...we will be able to decorate our CHRISTmas tree...we will be able to  carry on with family traditions...we will be able to host people in our home for dinner or visits...I get to open up a whole bunch of boxes and be surprised about what is in them!   But more than all of those things, I am excited because I have learned GOD's timing IS PERFECT!