Sunday, October 4, 2015

God is...

Well, we have been on a whirlwind of a roller coaster ride the last week!!  A week ago, the Hooties were traveling from NC to GA with my parents while Chris and I packed up our stuff.  The next day we finished packing, loaded up the moving truck and ran a few errands.  On Tuesday, he got behind the wheel of the 16-foot Budget truck while I drove our van.  Our drive was almost 12 hours...I am still trying to figure out how it took my parents with four little kids under 10 hours to complete the trip while we were a half day of driving!?!?!  I'm going to totally blame it on the rain!

We jumped right into our schedule on Wednesday.  My mom had been doing school with the Hooties, but since I didn't have time to gather their work, she just came up with things for them to do that went along with what I wrote for "lesson plans."  So, Wednesday we caught up on Monday and Tuesday's work. Then on Thursday, they completed Wednesday and Thursday's work.  I gave them the option of spreading the work out through Friday, but they said they wanted to go ahead and get it done, so they could spend Friday playing with Mimi and Bup-Bup.  I was so super proud of all the hard work they did to get caught up!!

On Friday, Chris and I headed to the Presbytery of the Southeast meeting in Rome, GA.  Chris was given the opportunity to present Mathetes 268 Ministries to one of the committees over lunch and to share this new ministry on the floor Saturday morning.  The lunch meeting went very well.  The committee asked some really good questions and were very encouraging to what God is calling us to do.  They also recognized the need for what God has laid before us.  After lunch, Chris headed to the presbytery meeting, and I headed to the hotel to check in and relax for a few minutes.  I headed back to meet Chris at the church for dinner and worship.

I know that writing our experience on paper isn't going to do what we experienced any justice, but I am going to try.  I am going to try because it is part of the story of what God is doing and how He has been preparing us for this season.  I am going to try because I want you to know that God still shows up...He still speaks...He still calls His children to follow Him.

So, Friday night after dinner, we headed to the sanctuary for worship.  The time of worship music was very moving.  You could tell the Spirit of the Lord was there.  We had a time of prayer that felt like the Lord Himself was speaking to us.  And of the pastors got up to preach.  What did he preach on?  He preached on making disciples and how churches are so focused on being an ABC (attendance, buildings and cash) church instead of maturing their people in the faith!  WHAT WAS JUST COMING OUT OF THIS GUY'S MOUTH?!?!?!?!  Chris and I just looked at each other...I think my jaw had dropped open a couple of inches...because we knew that God had shown up and He was preparing a way for His ministry!!!  It seemed like every word that the pastor spoke resonated with us.  I felt like we had a kindred spirit in the midst of a bunch of unfamiliar faces.  As we continued to listen to this pastor preach, God continued to confirm that we weren't chasing our back-up option, but that we were EXACTLY where we needed to be at EXACTLY the specific time He wanted us there!  Needless to say, we were on a high that night.  We called some of our dear friends/board member and shared what had just happened.  They rejoiced with us because they know the journey we have been on the last year...they also knew that God is placing us where we need to be and is preparing a way for His ministry.

Saturday morning, Chris got up in front of the presbytery to introduce himself.  He shared a little bit about our family and the journey we have been on over the last year.  Then he shared some about Mathetes 268 Ministries and what God is calling us to do.  Does anyone realize the significance of this?!?!  The night before a man preached about how we need to make disciples, but first as pastors they need to learn how to disciple others in the faith.  I mean how often does a man preach on something and then the next moment someone says, "Hey, I'm that guy...this is EXACTLY what God is calling me to do!!" Let me say not very often...and especially since the guy that preached and Chris had NEVER met before and knew nothing of what the other was sharing.  Do you see this!?!?  This is God showing up...This is God preparing a way...This is God leading His people.

So, we don't know what is going to happen next with Mathetes 268 Ministries, but we know God does.  We do ask that you pray.  Pray that the pastors who heard this sermon and then heard Chris will be in prayer.  That they will be praying whether they should partner with Mathetes 268.  Pray for Chris as he starts contacting pastors, as he prepares to preach in NC next weekend.  Pray for me as I hold down the fort and help the Hooties to transition to our new community,  as I search for new doctors, get 268 Academy switched from NC to GA and get the Hooties involved in community activities.

Thank you in advance for your prayers.  The One Whom you are praying to is listening!