Sunday, May 31, 2015

Superhero Birthday Party

This past weekend we were invited to a superhero birthday party.  It has been awhile since I have got my crafting on, so I decided that  I would make our costumes for the party.  I had so much fun making our costumes.  Stop on over Lavendar's Blue Designs for step by step is SUPER easy and opens up a whole new world of cute t-shirts for your family to wear!
First, I cut my stencil out of freezer paper. "HH" stands for "Hootie Hoos"

Then I ironed the freezer paper so it would stick to the shirt and seal the edges
Next, I painted using soft fabric paint.  Soft paint is the key. I added 2 coats of paint, so I couldn't see t-shirt color.

Then I had to wait...this was the hardest part!!

The Hooties' completed shirts

The owl fabric is what I used to make our capes

The transformation of Daddy Hootie...horned hair

Then he added the shirt and cape

Starting his mask

The completed mask

Baby Owlet getting his didn't last long...he kept wiping it off

Princess Hootie getting her mask

Hootie Girl getting her mask painted

Princess Hootie

Junior Hootie

Hootie Girl

Baby Owlet

The Hootie Hoos
Momma and Daddy Hootie...the fierce leaders of the Hootie Hoos

Riding the train at the party

Junior Hootie flying high

I love this Baby Owlet

Feeling like a superhero flying

Ever diligent. Every aware.  Daddy Hootie is there.

She melts my heart

Need to get refueled to keep on being a superhero

Decorating some masks

My artistic Hootie
We had such a fun time celebrating our friend's birthday.  I am very blessed to have a husband who is willing to create fun memories for our children.  So thankful that I have a family that goes along with my crazy ideas. 

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Strawberry Picking

This year we were able to go strawberry picking.  It seems like the last couple of years, we missed strawberry picking while on our spring trip to visit family.  This year it was especially exciting because the Hooties were picking strawberries to make a pie for Lin-Lin's birthday.  Josiah was very cautious...taking the time to pick out just the right strawberries.  Sophie was on a mission and completed it fast...very fast!  Kyrie was getting help from Daddy and enjoyed picking the berries every so delicately. Tobias just grabbed the berries and picked them stem and all, then got distracted be the tractors plowing the fields.  Here are a few pictures from our time at the strawberry patch. 

Carefully checking out the strawberries

Picking just the right one

Showing me his prized berry

Going to town

Just about done

Daddy showing Kyrie how to pick strawberries

I honestly thought he would have more berries on his clothes than he did

Mother's Day 2015

So, I don't have any pictures from Mother's Day, but it was a fun day of hanging out with the Hooties, my sister and niece.  The Hooties did some swimming, played in the yard, did some swinging, went for a walk...just a day of being outside.  That night, I cooked dinner for my mom and sister with the help of Tayler.  Chris took me out the Friday before Mother's Day to celebrate me as a mom.  After dinner, we went to see the movie "The Last Ride."  It was a nice evening to just go out with the just the two of us.  He got me a custom made necklace with all the Hooties' names on it, but it has yet to get here.  He had it shipped to my parents' house, but it didn't arrive before we headed back to NC.  It is in the mail to NC, so I should be getting it this week.  I can't wait to see what it looks like and to wear it!!

I did get a few pictures of Tayler with my sister.  Tayler wanted to have some pictures taken and frame one for her mom for Mother's Day.  I am glad that I got to take their pictures. 

Field Trips

 Well, we have been back for almost a week and we are getting back into our routine.  We have four weeks of school left before summer break starts.  I wanted to take a moment to just write about some of the things the Hooties did while in GA.  They had so much fun hanging out with family and getting to experience new things.  We went on quite a few field trips to bring to life what we have been learning this school year or to grow them in a passion that they have.

I think Mimi realized what she was getting herself into! :)

The first field trip we went on was to the Wild Safari.  On this trip, we were able to ride in a van and feed the animals.  It was so amazing to see God's creation up close and touch get drooled feed them.  The older Hooties are really into the Wild Kratts right now.  They look forward to learning new things about animals with each episode they watch.  Each night at the dinner table, Lin-Lin will ask the Hooties what animal they learned about and what interesting thing they learned.  Often times, it ends up having all three of them talking at the same time.  But it is so neat to see what they remember and what makes them excited!

This is the van that we rode in while on the safari...there were LOTS of laughs that were happening...especially when the llama spit on the mirror when we wouldn't give her anymore food!

Tobias getting his food ready...he actually liked feeding the animals!

She was the most excited and the one who was least afraid of the animals

These two were in Wild Kratt heaven


The llama who spit on us

The giraffe

He had the longest, coolest, drooliest tongue ever!

Kyrie feeding a deer

They had so much fun!

Then we took a bus tour to learn more about the animals

My bus buddy

Sleepy lion


The girls having so much fun feeding the animals

He is super serious in this picture...always gotta have your game face on with those wild animals

Hanging out with Bup-Bup on the bus

The other giraffe

Sophie finally got up the nerve to feed  her

Looking for just the right animal to feed

Sisterly love

I like me a llama!

And another llama!

Hair blowing in the wind...such a free-spirit

Mommy and Kyrie

Mommy and Josiah

I think there were some animals that got loose from the Wild Safari

Playing Peek-a-Boo with Mommy
Seeing all the animals tuckered this guy out!

The next day, we headed to Atlanta and spent the day at the Georgia Aquarium.  This was the perfect field trip because Josiah had been studying underwater sea creatures this school year for his science.  If you home school and are looking for a GREAT curriculum, we highly recommend Apologia.  So without further are some pictures from our field trip.

The Georgia Aquarium

Mommy and the Hootie Hoos

So fascinated by the fish

Even more fish

Tobias was off with Bup-Bup looking at other fish

An octopus

On a scavenger hunt...super fun activity where you use an iPad and have clues and activities to complete
Heading home...Tobias had the right idea...sleeping in the stroller. 

We also spent one morning painting with Auntie Shue.  Most Friday afternoons at 3pm on PBS, we watch Bob Ross' "Joy of Painting."  When we got to my parents' house, it didn't take Josiah long to discover a Bob Ross painting kit.  So, one morning Auntie Shue took some time and painted with Josiah.  He was super excited to paint and be like Bob Ross.

Getting everyone in their smocks

All ready to paint

Some very excited Hooties

Auntie Shue and Josiah painting with Bob Ross

Painting the sky
Added some clouds, water and a mountain

Signing their painting

Their completed painting

It is done!

Tobias was ready to paint like the big Hooties

They were so focused on painting

Showing me his brush

She's got some good technique

Letting her creativity flow

That is quite a masterpiece
And he got bored with the canvas and thought his foot would be a better object to paint

Love me some "baby" feet

We spent another day in Albany visiting a planetarium and a train museum.  Sophie has always had a fascination with space, so she especially enjoyed the planetarium.  Josiah was captivated by what he saw and will now be studying astronomy in the fall for his science time.  The train museum was a HUGE hit with both of the boys.  Josiah still wants to be a train engineer.  Tobias just liked seeing the "big choo-choo."  I enjoyed the train museum because I got a few minutes to be photographer.  We are praying that soon we will have our own place and I can get some prints made for the boys' room!!

A very rare picture with all of us in it!!

Tay-Tay was able to spend the day with us
So, this is a summary of our time in GA. So glad that we were able to spend some time with my family and be able to take the kids on some different field trips to complete our school year.