Thursday, October 30, 2014

"A little over 6 months" photo shoot

While we were in NOVA, I was able to take James' "a little over 6 months" photos.  It was a beautiful fall day.  We had a wonderful back drop in Mimi's garden.  I added a few fall decorations and his momma got James to show me his contagious smile and this is what I got:



Fall Trip to NOVA

Well, we spent last week in NOVA visiting our VA grandparents, Mimi and Bob-Bob.  The Hootie Hoos had so much fun visiting with them.  This has been a BIG adjustment for the Hootie Hoos since they spent almost every Monday morning at their house so Chris and I could go on a date. While we were there, we got to see "Auntie" Jen, "Uncle" John and James.  Kyrie was beside herself...she loves her some Baby James.  I have a feeling he may be in his 20's and she will still call him Baby James!

We stayed busy most of the week by playing outside, going on walks, playing in the basement and playing games.  We also celebrated Jen's birthday while we were there.  I think it was exactly what the Hootie Hoos needed.  We are thankful that we had the time and the finances to be able to go and spend a few days with people who have become like family to us.

Here are a few pictures from our time in NOVA...and a few from our short visit to Greenwood, VA.  We went there because Chris was filling the pulpit while the pastor was away celebrating his anniversary. We got a visit from Ms. Ruth Ann and Uncle Stu who came to hear Chris preach.  What we didn't know was that Nancy was coming with them!  After church, we were blessed to go back to Ms. Ruth Ann's dad's house and had a yummy spaghetti lunch with her family. 

Swinging with his buddy, James

The cutest little tiger I know

Kyrie wanted to swing, too

The Hootie Hoos painted some pictures to make a birthday banner for Jen

Brownie "cake" for Jen

Singing, "Happy Birthday" to Jen

Tobias LOVED playing with the cars at Mimi and Bob-Bob's house

He even made noises while pushing the cars around

Josiah and Bob-Bob played either chess or checkers each day

Mimi getting Tobias' tickle spot

Such a pretty girl

Such a silly girl!

Barely enough room

Tobias found some leaves and sticks to play with

Swinging with Bob-Bob

Kyrie getting a little push from Mimi

LOVED watching them play with Mimi and Bob-Bob

I LOVE a pretty, red leaf

Greenwood, VA

Greenwood, VA

Greenwood, VA

Greenwood, VA

Monday, October 20, 2014

A Busy Fall Weekend

This weekend, we had LOTS of fun.  We enjoyed the BEAUTIFUL fall weather.  We started off with pumpkin craft on Friday and then finished with  some pumpkin decorating and carving.  Then we spent Saturday running a couple of errands, eating lunch at Chick-fil-a, taking a nap, playing at the park, going to a fall festival and ending the day by watching a little Tennessee football.  Sunday we went to church, took another nap, played in the backyard, went for a walk and then took the Hootie Hoos to Awanas.  We went so I could see what Hootie 1 and 2 do (Chris normally takes them because I am at home with Hootie 3 and 4).  When we got there, Kyrie wanted to go sit with the other kids and sing the songs.  The Cubbies teacher told us that it was fine, so off Kyrie went.  We found out that she is old enough to attend, so I think we may have her start in the next week or so. 

Making a pumpkin

Tobias' first time finger painting...he did a great job...until he ate the paint!

He didn't need any help...such a big boy! :(

Getting ready to decorate her pumpkin

I LOVE this picture of him!

Daddy helping Kyrie with her pumpkin

Then she wanted to do it on her own

Her completed pumpkin

So proud of her owl

Josiah and Sophie went to a pumpkin carving party

Daddy giving a helping hand

Tobias' completed pumpkin...OK, so Mommy's completed pumpkin. :)

Josiah's completed pumpkin

Sophie's completed pumpkin

Kyrie's completed pumpkin

Spending the afternoon at the park

These two LOVE each other so much!

He would climb up and go belly side down on the slide all by himself...he was so proud of himself!

Working on balancing

She melts my heart!

Fall Festival Time

Guessing the number of kisses

Tossing a pumpkin to score some points

Daddy even got in on the fun

They even had a Plinko game...this fulfilled a small part of me wanting to play Plinko on the Price Is Right

Even Tobias wanted to have a turn...this is him watching the chip go down.

Daddy using all kinds of strategy (scored the highest points possible)...Mommy used no strategy and scored the highest points possible

Squirting balls off from the tees

Using bean bags to make Tic-Tac-Toe

Bobbing for apples...Daddy had to convince Mommy it was OK

Bowling with pumpkins