Sunday, December 22, 2013

CHRISTmas 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

I can’t believe it is that time of year again!!  Where has the last year gone? Well, the Greenwoods have been as busy as ever. 
 On June 17th, we welcomed our fourth child, Richard “Tobias.”  He was born at 11:12am via a C-section.  Tobias weighed 8 lbs. 1 oz. and was 21 inches long.  Tobias is exactly who we needed to complete our family…for now. (No, there isn’t another baby on the way!  We eventually want to adopt older children, but it will be a few years down the road because we want Josiah to be the oldest).  Tobias has such a sweet, happy personality.  We love his big smile and his belly giggles.  Over the last few weeks, Tobias has learned to roll from his back to his stomach and is pulling his legs up underneath himself.  We have started him on the “Your Baby Can Read” videos, so we shall see if we have another early reader.

Josiah turned five in June.   He started Kindergarten in September at 268 Academy (that is our homeschool name).  He is doing exceptionally well in school.  His favorite thing to do is read, read and read some more…just one more way that he is like his daddy. He also likes science…especially when we do experiments.  We have been using Animated Literacy this year, and he really likes the drawing part of the lesson. It will be interesting to see how God develops these interests.   Josiah enjoyed taking swim classes during the summer, but is taking a break during the fall/winter months because it is so cold.  Instead of swimming, he has been taking gymnastics and is really enjoying it.  He continues to enjoy trains and his collection of tracks continues to expand which allows him to be very creative in his track building. This year, we signed him up for AWANAs (a program that teaches truths from the Bible and helps them to memorize scripture).  He is doing very well memorizing his verses each week and interacting with kids his own age.  He continues to be such a great big brother…very gentle and loves to show affection to his sisters and brother. 

Sophie will be turning four in January.  She started pre-school this year, but would much rather be doing her brother’s work!  Sophie really enjoys reading, too.  We get so much enjoyment listening to her read because she will change her voice for the different characters in the book.  She also took swim classes during the summer, but is taking a break during the fall and winter.  Like her brother, she is taking gymnastics and is really enjoying it.  She has moved to the classes where she doesn’t have a parent with her.  At first, she had a hard time…she is VERY shy…but is doing so much better in her classes and even in new situations.  Sophie is also doing AWANAs.  This girl can memorize some Bible verses!!!  I have the kids’ verses hanging up in our kitchen, so they can work on them during the week.  Often times, Sophie is memorizing her verse and her brother’s verse.  She is also developing a servant’s heart. Whenever one of her siblings needs something or is upset, she goes to help them or comfort them.  She is also developing a heart for prayer.  During our night time prayer…or any prayer time, for that matter…she will jump in and pray about whatever is on her heart.  We look forward to seeing how God is going to continue to fine tune these areas. 

Kyrie turned two in November.   Kyrie started school this year, too!  She wants to do EVERYTHING that Josiah and Sophie do…thus, school for her.  She is doing well with reading…she recognizes LOTS of words, but isn’t reading complete sentences…yet.  Her speaking skills have improved tremendously over the last couple of months…really able to communicate what she wants…and doesn’t want, for that matter! J  She continues to love life to the fullest…does everything so passionately…and loudly!  By far, Kyrie is our most cuddly child.  If there is someone curled up on the couch or in a bed, she will be there to get some cuddles…I guess she is like her mommy.  Kyrie enjoys playing with baby dolls and is so nurturing…changing diapers, feeding her baby, singing songs.  We look forward to seeing how God is going to use these characteristics in Kyrie as she gets older.  Kyrie started swim classes during the summer, and she LOVES it!!  She continued with swimming during fall since she wasn’t old enough to do other classes, but now that she is two, she will have a lot more options. 

As for Chris…well, he has had a very busy year.  (Chris is now writing) In August, our senior pastor moved to Colorado, so I have been filling in while our church searches for a new senior pastor. With this filling in has come a whole host of new responsibilities. I have been visiting church members on a weekly basis, making hospital visits, doing some counseling, and of course preaching every week. Other than church, adding another little Greenwood to the family has further divided my time among the kids. We knew this would happen, but it doesn’t make it any easier. Our prayer is that the kids will look back and see that their mom and I gave them each as much time as we could.  Our greatest hope is that they will value the relationships they have with each other as brothers and sisters. With the entrance of Tobias came a wonderful return to an old married habit: date night. Since the world’s best babysitter (Darian or D) was back in town going to college I booked her every other week as a standing date night for Sara and me to go out. It has been nice to slip away again with the “wife of my youth” and enjoy just us time.  

As for me (Sara)…I stay pretty busy keeping up with the four kiddos and supporting Chris as he does ministry.  I spend most of my days wearing many different hats…wife, mother, teacher, discipler, friend, chef and many more.  I do have moments of exhaustion and feeling overwhelmed, but I truly am thankful that I am able to be at home with our children every day.  To teach them about Jesus. To love on them. To nurture them. To play with them.  To just spend time with them. I am blessed to have a husband that supports/encourages me to be a stay at home wife and mother.  I do find some me time with our Home Fellowship Group ladies.  Once a month, we spend time together as a group either sharing a meal together or crafting.  While Chris is at night meetings, I am able to spend time doing things that I enjoy…crafting, editing photographs or watching a TV show(s) that I enjoy.  But my most favorite wind down time is date night with the hubby.  We are very blessed to have Darian come twice a month, so Chris and I can go out and just be husband and wife. 

We hope you have a very Merry CHRISTmas.  That you will find time to reflect on the meaning of CHRISTmas…Christ did come. Christ is come. Christ will come…again

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving 2103

This year we started a new tradition...A Thankfulness Tree.  Each night after dinner, we would each share one thing we are thankful for.  I would write the answers on a leaf and then hang it on some tree branches.  So here are the things we were thankful for this year.


Sara-Jesus dying for our sins
Josiah-toys to play with
Sophie-dress up doctor outfit
Kyrie-book, "Little Blue Truck"


Josiah--my sisters and brother
Sophie--my super hero outfit
Sara--my marriage to Daddy


Chris--Happy "Beerfur" Days (Kyrie's way of saying birthday)
Josiah--God making everything
Kyrie--"beerfur" day
Sara--Kyrie Eleison, my second daughter, born two years ago today, who adds spunk and carefree to my life.


Josiah--for November because of Thanksgiving crafts
Sara--for Josiah, my firstborn, who made me a Mommy, who shows so much love and affection and silliness to my life
Chris--cooler weather


Sophie--Kyrie's birthday
Josiah--my dad
Kyrie--for being happy
Chris--God's church
Sara--for Sophie, my firstborn daughter, who has a serving and playful heart


Josiah--our house
Sophie--my baby sister
Sara--Tobias, the one who has completed our family...for now


Sophie--my big brother, Josiah
Josiah--my church and peoople who worship God
Chris--Awana to teach our kiddos Bible verses
Sara--our parents and siblings


Kyrie--God's Son
Sophie--cinnamon rolls
Sara--house for our family and friends to gather and to feel the love of Jesus
Chris--God's creation


Sophie--our neighbors
Kyrie--Baby 'Bias
Josiah--our van, so we can get place to place
Sara--that I am able to stay home with our kiddos...and a hubby who encourages me to stay home
Chris--hot water


Sophie--my dad
Josiah--a bed
Sara--John and Jen


Kyrie--Mimi and Bob-Bob
Josiah--"Roary" the Lion
Sophie--"Doby" the Dog, "Glacier" and "Glory" (sleeping friends)
Sara--Soldiers (for Veterans Day)


Sophie--my mom
Chris--food that the Lord provides for us
Sara--Tammy, my she encourages me, prays for me and how we grow while studying God's Word


Sophie--Jonathan (Awana class)
Sara--firemen and policemen who keep us safe
Chris--all my children
Kyrie--fire station


Chris--my marriage
Kyrie--Violet (toy dog)
Sophie--my toys
Sara--unpredictability..that we have kids to give us unpredictability


Kyrie--Nana--sleeping friend
Sophie--our church
Sara--CellBlock 234 (HFG)
Chris--live in America


Kyrie--Flynn (Thomas the Tank fire truck)
Sara--for she loves our kiddos and how they love her
Chris--Elders of our church and their wives


Sara--parties to celebrate life celebrate life events
Chris--my Bible


Kyrie--Glacier (Sophie's friends)
Sara--photography..being able to capture memories
Josiah--God...being able to pray to Him
Sophie--Mimi and Bup-Bup


Josiah--John and Jen
Sophie--Mimi and Bup-Bup
Kyrie--Sammy (baby doll) be able to hold all of our family


Chris--Mr. Mark and Ms. Wendy (being able to rent their house)
Sophie--Mr. Mark and Ms. Wendy
Josiah--Mr. Mark and Ms. Wendy
Sara--being able to homeschool our children


Sara--Date Nights
Chris--My Cosmo 3 cellphone to keep in communication with my wife throughout the day
Josiah--library books


Sophie--Sammy (baby doll)
Kyrie--fountains on the way to church
Sara--Pajama Day (and Josiah coming up with it)
Chris--C.S. Lewis and his legacy
Josiah--Rory Rowan from church


Chris--chances to tell people about Jesus
Sara--the ability and finances to be able to go grocery shopping


Sophie--Mimi and Bup-Bup playing with me
Sara--lunch time with my family, Darian and Nancy
Mimi-cold weather


Josiah--Granny Whoosh and Papa Gig
Sophie--birthday coming up
Sara--warm clothes
Mimi--diversity of people
Bup-Bup--my wife


Kyrie--Bella (neighbors dog)
Sophie--food that God gave us
Josiah--curtains that keep sun out on sunny day and cold on cold day
Sara--Mike and being able to bring him coffee and a hot breakfast
Chris--Bible computer program (Logos)
Mimi--good health
Bup-Bup--play time with grandchildren


Josiah--food to eat
Sophie--the plates we eat off
Sara--Craft time with my mom
Chris--heat to warm our home
Mimi--daily needs always met


Josiah--clothes to wear
Sara--my bed
Chris--chances to do ministry
Bup-Bup--God's love
John--a growing family
Jen--friends like family
Scott--job with mostly agreeable boss