Sunday, March 24, 2013

Passed My Test

Well, I went in for my 26 week check up on Wednesday.  I got to drink the lovely sugar water for my glucose test.  Normally, I have a sweet tooth, but with pregnancy I tend to crave salty things.  I must admit, I was a little concerned with the results because with the last two pregnancies, I was borderline...under by a couple of points...but because of family history the doctors wanted to do the three hour test.  Well, the doctor said that they would call if anything was abnormal, but I just had to hear for myself.  I passed the test with flying colors!!!  140 is the cutoff for having to do the three hour test and my results were 114!!!!  I was praising Jesus when I heard the results.  My iron test also came back normal, so I am also thankful for that. 

Chris and I also had a good conversation with our doctor to get a better idea about Tobias birth.  Since I have had a c-section, we have had to have some discussions about whether or not to do a VBAC (vaginal birth after a c-section).  All the doctors that I have met with feel like I am perfect candidate to have a VBAC.  We did have some questions concerning about going over my due date.  One of the doctors said that they won't induce me because of the c-section, but the other doctor clarified a bit more.  When Chris and I got home, we came up with tons of questions.  If they don't induce, then does that mean an automatic c-section.  Well, at our next appointment we asked our questions and found out that there are some things that they can do that aren't considered inducing as long as my body has started making progress (dilating, cervix thinning out, etc.).  They just won't do anything if my body hasn't started something.  So that conversation reassured us that going down the road of VBAC is they way we are going to go.  We realize that Tobias could have different plans, but as of right now this is what we are planning for. 

So that is all for now.  We are staying pretty busy and know the next 14 or so weeks are going to fly by with all our different activities.  We are hoping to have some down time with the kiddos in May and part of June before things get crazy again with a newborn.