Saturday, July 6, 2013

11 years

11years...4015 days...96,360 hours.  That is how long I have been married to my best friend.  We have done so much in those 11 years.  We completed student teaching, graduated from college, got our first teaching jobs at a private school, moved two times while in GA, lived in two different states for 8 weeks, moved to NC, taught in a public school, completed graduate school earning a Master's of Divinity with Languages, bought our first car together, worked retail together, had our first child while living with our parents, received our first call at a church while working part time at a private school, moved to NOVA, got pregnant with our second child, moved to a new house, went into full time youth ministry, started discipling, started homeschooling, got pregnant with our third child, continued pouring our lives into those at our church, and here we are having our fourth child.  We have done so much in these 11 years.  There are some things on this list that were clearly done Chris getting his Master's of Divinity or me working at a public school, but if it weren't for the support or encouragement of each other, neither one of us would have been very successful...and I am not talking successful as in the world's standard...cause you can look at our bank account and the world would say we haven't been very successful. :) But we have been faithful to God...we have trusted Him...we have obeyed Him...and that is all that matters.

Chris Greenwood, I am so thankful and feel so honored to walk through this life with you.  It has been a privilege to see God working in your life and continuing to grow you into the man He desires you to be.  I look forward to many more years of being your wife...walking through this world with...raising our our beautiful children with you.  I wouldn't want anyone else except you.  iLUVM!!