Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer Time Craziness


I didn't know how else to start this journal has been SUPER busy for is summer time and youth ministry is in full swing!!! Smile

Since we have gotten back from our trip, life has gotten very busy for us.  We started our SNL (Sunday Night Laughs) at our house.  This is the night when the youth come over to hang out.  The first night we had 23 people in our basement and the next time was 21.  We have had to strategically figure out how to fit them all in there.  Sophie has started "Baby Ballerina"...a dance class that is SO cute. Both Josiah and Sophie did a swim class for two weeks and will do another in August.  My niece, Tay, came to stay with us for 11 days.  While she was here, we celebrated Josiah's 4th birthday and Kyrie's baptism.  We had all the grandparents except for my dad here for those two days.  The night of Josiah's birthday, there was a crazy storm that went through was 80 miles wide and had winds that were 80 mph.  Quite a few people and businesses lost power...some for several days.  We were blessed that we never lost power...the lights only flickered a couple of times.  The church did loose power though, so Kyrie's baptism a little hot...OK, a whole hot since we were in a heat wave, too!   But it was humbling in the sense that thousands of Christians around the world go and worship in a church that has no A/C every week.  When I realized that, my complaining thoughts quickly disappeared.  We also had some of the youth girls over to our house a couple of nights to hang out and other night to decorate t-shirts for the mission trip.  We went into DC one day, so we could take Tay to the Museum of Natural History...I must admit we were so totally annoyed by all the evolution comments...but I won't say any more than that.  Sealed  Chris and I celebrated our 10th anniversary...yes, 10 years!!!! Some of our friends came over for about an hour to watch the kiddos, so we could go get dessert.  We are going to go away for a night in August, so we will do a BIGGER celebration then.  On Monday night, Chris and I were so exhausted and wondering where our summer has gone.  We reflected on the last two weeks and realized that there were only two nights when it was just the Greenwood Family alone out our wonder we were SO exhausted.  We have LOVED every minute of what we have been doing and wouldn't change a thing about it.  We love all of the youth and look forward to summer time because this is when we get to hang out with them...the last two summers, we have hated seeing the school year begin because we knew there wouldn't be any unexpected visitors knocking our door to just hang out.  I am already getting a little sad thinking about summer starting in just a few weeks.  Frown 

Our summer isn't even close to slowing down.  My mom arrives on Saturday because Chris will be leaving on Sunday for a week to take the youth to Chicago for a mission trip. She will be staying to help with the kiddos...Josiah has a TON of things already planned for his Mimi to do with him. Smile He gets back Sunday night and on Monday morning we pack up the car to head to NC for a few days to see Corey and her family.  We get back and then I have a shower that I am hosting plus we have youth camp starting.  Then I have another shower that I am hosting, then school starts.  I am just tired writing all that!!!  Surprised  Please be in prayer as we stay busy the next several weeks. That God will give us the energy to complete the ministry He has called us to.  He has been faithful thus far, and I know He will continue to be faithful to us.