Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Be still

Well, I was sitting at the computer after finishing my Bible study and realized that it has been FOREVER since I have done an update!

The summer continued to be very busy, but so worth the time we were able to spend with the youth.  It was sad to see the unexpected visits come to an end, but at the same time it is nice to get back into a routine again.  Just because summer is over doesn't mean we aren't busy...it is just a different kind of busy.  At the end of August, Chris and I sat down and re-worked our schedule...I just felt like I had a lot on my plate...trying to keep up with kids, housework, discipling, cooking, ministry, spending time with Chris.  I was having a rather hard day, and I just kept saying to the Lord, "I just wish he (Chris) would come home...I just need to share with him how unhappy I am with how things are...how overwhelmed I feel."  So at lunch time, I hear the door rattling...I panicked for a moment because Chris is supposed to be at work.  When the door opens, I feel relief to see Chris walking through it...for a couple of reasons...not some CRAZY person breaking in to our house and that my prayers were answered.  I asked him why he wasn't meeting with the guy he disciples...he informed me that he just felt like he needed to cancel and come home.  We put the kids down for their nap, and we had a good talk about what was going on with me.  That night we sat down and looked at what we have going on weekly and came up with a new schedule that has been working GREAT!!!  I feel like the Lord gave us this schedule and helped to prioritize what is important.  I have to admit there are times when I want to stray from the schedule...like clean (yes, I'm a cleaning junkie, but I am working on letting things go) when I am supposed to be hanging out with the kids or be on the computer instead of having some time with the Lord.  We have been doing this new schedule for a couple of weeks now, and our home seems to be running so much more smoothly...kids are happier and Mommy is way less stressed!  As I reflect on the changes, I don't know why I didn't sit down sooner and pray...I mean REALLY pray which requires more listening than talking...about our daily schedule. I mean we have to eat, our house needs to be cleaned, our kids need to learn, but I never slowed down long enough to hear the answer to my question, "When should we do this?"  So I praise the Lord for being faithful yet again...where He was willing all along to be my guide and strength...I just needed to be still long enough to hear His answer.