Monday, May 28, 2012

Southeast Circuit

Well, we have gotten back home and have gotten our life back into a routine, so I'm going to take a few minutes to journal about our recent trip.  It took about a week to pack EVERYTHING for our 13 day trip--this is the longest we have been away from home with the kiddos.  As Chris put it, "This is just practice for our trip to the Grand Canyon."

We left on a Thursday and drove to NC to spend a few days with the Greenwood Grandparents.  While we were with Lin-Lin and Pa T, we road the train, played at the playground, picked strawberries, celebrated Mother's Day, played in their backyard, made bread, went shopping, went for walks, picked up summer clothes, went through school materials, got our teeth cleaned and visited with some friends.  Writing all that just makes me tired, but we aren't even close to being done yet!  We left NC on Monday and headed to Savannah to spend the night.  We were able to take advantage of the pool at the hotel and have some good family time.  We got up the next morning and went swimming again before we met some friends for lunch.  After lunch, we headed to Valdosta to the Perry Grandparents and the Moser Grandparents.  While we were in Valdosta, we were stayed busy, too.  We played with bubbles in the back yard, played a little golf and soccer, meet our newest cousins, went shopping, played with the cats and dog, played with cousins, had an early birthday celebration for Josiah, got our eyes checked, played on the slip and slide, ran through the sprinkler, went to a vow renewal and children dedication ceremony, Josiah and Sophie had their first sleepover away from Mommy and Daddy, celebrated Lin-Lin's birthday, visited with some friends and lost a wallet.  We left Valdosta on Sunday and headed to Northern Georgia to spend the night at the Mountain House.  We had LOTS of fun playing at the playground and enjoying God's Creation.  We also learned that the lost wallet had been found and was being mailed.  The next morning, we got up and headed to TN to see Pa Potter, Granny Kay, Aunt Sue and Uncle Don.  While we were there, we had fun playing in their back yard with all the new toys they bought for the kids.  While in TN, Mommy sprained her ankle (it had been raining, I was carrying a 24 pack of water and slipped off the curb) and was pretty much useless for a few days.  We got up the next day and headed to Roanoke, VA to spend the night and meet some dear friends for dinner.  The kids were able to go swimming that night and the next morning before we headed home.

I must say we have some WONDERFUL travelers...we are so thankful!  We love all the memories we made with the kiddos, but at the same time everyone was so glad to be home and able to sleep in our own beds...the first thing Josiah and Sophie did when the got home was climbed the stairs to get their sleeping friends.  That night when I put Kyrie in her bed and started the mobile, she gave a big smile with a screech.  :)    

Trip Summary: 13 days; 5 states; 6 interstates + highways; 1829 miles; driving in LOTS of rain; 7 unloadings and 7 loadings of van; 3 hotels; 3 sets of grandparents; 1 set of great-grandparents; 12 other relatives; a train ride; strawberry picking; lots of green grass to play in; swimming; shopping; Mother's Day celebration; 2 birthday celebration; 5 children dedicated; 1 couple with vows renewed; 5 throw-ups; 1 sprained ankle; 1 fat lip; 9 falls; 1 lost wallet--found and overnighted by FedEx; 3 tired kids, but still GREAT travelers; 360 pictures to last a lifetime.