Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Septmeber Update

Well, it seems like I have been doing more of a monthly update lately--hey, it's not like I don't have a lot going on right now!  Smile 

Where do we start?  Well, we started school the Wednesday after Labor Day.  We do lessons (Bible, language arts, math and a monthly theme) on Wednesdays and Fridays, a science experiment on Thursday afternoons and a Bible lesson and craft on Saturday mornings.  We do Calendar Time and Weather Tracking every day.  I was really trying to hold Sophie off for another year, but she was picking up so much last spring when I was teaching Josiah, that we decided to go ahead and do a few things with her. Some things we have been working on (she already knew most of them, but we are having a more focused learning time) the name and sounds of Aa and Ff, reading and recognizing the color red, the number one, the circle and some of the parts of an apple.  The other day she started counting and counted from 1 to 12--I guess she learned that from playing hide and seek with Josiah.  I just continue to be amazed at how much her little brain is absorbing!  Josiah has been learning quite a bit--again, some things he already knew, but we are just reinforcing them.  This year, we decided to add scripture memory to our Bible time.  Josiah has already learned Genesis 1:1, "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth."  Along with the scripture memory, he has learned that God is the Creator of all things.  We have also been learning the seven days of creation and have been making a craft for each day.  He has also learned the Lord's Prayer.  We have been saying it each night after we did a devotional on the Lord's Prayer.  One night, he started saying it with us and now has learned it all! He has also learned the days of the week during calendar time and can fill in the blank for "Yesterday was..." "Today is..." and "Tomorrow will be...."  He has really enjoyed our apple theme for the month of September.  He has learned the parts of an apple, how an apple grows, had an experiment where we tasted different apples, planted apple seeds and even went to the apple orchard to pick some apples!  We have also been doing some science experiments which he really seems to be enjoying!  We are working more and more with his reading, but he is having some confidence issues.  I just continue to praise and encourage him on how well he is doing.   Chris is going to NC this weekend to get some of my school things and will be bringing back my kindergarten curriculum, so once we finish the rest of the letters (there were a few we didn't get to last year) we will start with that.

 As for Kyrie and Mommy, we are doing well.  She continues to get bigger and bigger each week.  Unfortunately, the nausea and morning sickness have come back.  I have to admit not nearly as bad as they were at the beginning of the pregnancy, so I am not going to complain.  I honestly can't wait until she is here--one big reason is that I am so over having heartburn!!  If the old wives tale is true about having heartburn and have a kid with a head full of hair, Kyrie is going to come out looking like a monkey!! Laughing  Yes, I just said that she might look like a monkey.   There really isn't that much longer until we will be meeting Kyrie.  More than likely no more than six more weeks. The doctors are talking about inducing me early.  Chris and I go to an appointment in a couple of weeks in which we will try to set up a date to be induced.  There is still quite a bit to get done, but I am hoping to check off quite a few things this weekend when Chris and the kids are gone.  I am hoping the lazy bug doesn't bite me too hard! Smile 

 Well, that is it for this update.  Stay tuned for an update in October

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

33rd Birthday

Well, yesterday I turned the big 33.  I had an absolutely wonderful day.  My morning started off with a Thomas the Tank Engine breakfast.  A certain three year old wante his Mommy to have a Thomas birthday, so Daddy took him shopping and they got a Thomas tablecloth and used the balloon from Josiah's birthday.  After breakfast, Chris and the kids dropped me off, so I could get a prenatal massage.  It was 90 minutes of bliss.  After that we came home, and Chris made some turkey burgers for lunch.  We all took a long nap. Then Chris and I got ready to go out to dinner.  Some of our good friends came over to watch Josiah and Sophie, so we could have a grown-up dinner.  When I got into the car, Chris had gotten me the new New Kids on the Block/Backstreet Boy CD.  I was WAY EXCITED!!!  We were going to go to a local Italian restaurant, but they were closed for Labor Day.  We ended up going to the Olive Garden and had an enjoyable meal.  After dinner, we went to Carters and got Kyrie her going home outfit.  We also got three shirts--Josiah a "Big Brother", Sophie a "Big Sister" and Kyrie a "Little Sister."

All and all, it was a GREAT birthday!  I need to say a BIG thank you to Chris for letting me relax and take the day off from all of my mommy duties.  I really enjoyed my day and thank you for making it so special!