Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Praising Jesus

Well, I wanted to take a minute to update what has been going on with my foot--yes, the drama continues, but I'm praying that it has come to an end. 

On Monday, we went to the pain management doctor, and he diagnosed me with CRPS--Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.  This is a fancy way of saying that my sympathetic nerves went into action when the horse stepped on my foot, which is normal.  The thing that isn't normal is they never stopped doing what they were supposed to.  The doctor told me treatment would involve having some injections in my back.  I wasn't overly thrilled about it, but after talking with him, he reassured me that this was a VERY SAFE procedure.  He said that pretty much my nerves are a like a computer that needs to be rebooted.  He said my nerves need to be told how to function the right way.  He felt like that this was caught early enough so I should have a complete recovery. He has patients that wait years to come see him and he said their outcome isn't as good. He feels like one round of injections is all I should need, but I go back in two weeks to see how things are going.  He and his PA did tell me NOT to go online to see what CRPS is because I would be absolutely terrified.  They told me that what I would find on the internet would be worse case scenarios.  Chris asked me if I wanted to take some time to think about it and come back.  I thought a few seconds and said let's do it.  So Monday afternoon, I went ahead and got the injections.  I won't say that I wasn't worried, but I needed to trust God in this situation.  Trust that He was the one that gave this doctor the ability to practice medicine.  God really was the one who got  me through the procedure, and I've been praising Him ever since.  Monday afternoon, I was pretty sore where he put the injections.   I didn't sleep very well because my back and hip hurt a lot as the numbing medicines wore off.  But the great news is Tuesday morning, I woke up with NO PAIN in my foot!!   I am still pain free today, so I'm thanking the Lord for that.  I know God has had His hand on me this whole time.  I know He could have healed me without the help of doctors, but I feel like I had to depend on and  trust in Him more by having the injections than if He had outright healed me.  I said a week or so ago, that I would continue to be faithful to God no matter what direction He took this, and I feel like I have been faithful to Him.  I just pray that He feels the same way.

So I'm so thankful to have relief from this pain.  I feel even closer to God through this whole situation.  I pray that the injections were the only ones I will need to receive and that I am completely healed.  I look forward to wearing cute shoes again, but Chris is wise in telling me to wait a week or so to just make sure--I'm so glad that I married a wise man.  :)   I do want to thank all who have prayed for me.  God was listening to all your prayers and for that I am truly thankful

Friday, October 15, 2010

Foot Update

I just wanted to take a minute to update this long journey with my foot.  On Monday, we went back to the orthopedic doctor.  He was still very puzzled by the fact that my foot is discolored, is hurting and having a burning sensation.  He took some more x-rays trying to find a break or the healing of a break, but he couldn't find ANYTHING.  He then proceeded to tell us that he felt like there is something else going on.  He has requested for some blood work to be done thinking that maybe something was previously there and the foot injury has made it come out.  A couple of the things he is testing me for are diabetes and lyme disease.  The other thing he is having tested is my sympathetic nervous system.  When you have an injury you sympathetic nervous system kicks in and then it returns to normal.  He is thinking that maybe my sympathetic nervous system didn't return to normal.  We have been praying that nothing is wrong, but especially not the second scenario.  Treatment for the second scenario involves injections into my spine.  For those of you who know our birthing experiences, I didn't get any epidurals because I didn't want anything in my spine or near my spine.  So I humbly ask for your prayers that God will heal me completely.  That when I go back for my follow up there will be NO question on whether God healed.  No matter the outcome, I will continue to be faithful to my Savior and live my life for Him.  Thank you in advance for your prayer

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Update Time

Well, it has almost been a month since I last updated.  Where has the time gone?  Well, the fall schedule has started for the Greenwoods, and I don't think it will be slowing down anytime soon.  We just got back from our last vacation of the year.  The kids did an AMAZING job traveling.  We are so blessed to have children who travel so well.  Like I've said before, we will probably never live in the same town as family, so we will have to do plenty of traveling, so it makes it so much more pleasant with the happiness we hear from the back of the van. 

For our last trip of the year, we went to North Carolina to see Pa T and Lin-Lin.  We were able to go to the beach for a couple of days.  It was so nice to be able to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.  The beach has always been one of my favorite places to go and connect with God.  To know that He created every grain of sand that we walked on.  To know that He controls every single wave that crashes to the shore line.  To know that the breeze is controlled by Him.  It just leaves me breathless.  OK, enough about me.  The kids had a wonderful time at the beach.  The weather wasn't overly warm, but Josiah managed to talk his Pa T into taking him swimming one afternoon.  On our way  back home from the beach, I asked Josiah what his favorite thing was at the beach.  His response, "Swimming Pa T. I splash Pa T and Lin-Lin!"  Later that night, someone else asked him what was his favorite part of the beach, and he responded with the same answer.  We continue to be amazed at his memory!!!  We also brought a kite to fly on the beach, and he enjoyed that, too.  I don't know who had more fun though, Chris or Josiah.    Sophie enjoyed the beach as much as an 8 1/2 month old can.  We did put her feet down in the sand and even in the water.  The water was surprisingly warm, so she didn't mind getting a little wet.  She wasn't too sure about her feet sinking in the sand when the water went back down, but she never fussed so we thought that was a good thing.  We went to the AB (Atlantic Beach) Surf Store and bought our traditional AB t-shirt.  It is a neat tradition that has been started.  We all get the same color shirts for that year.  I think I now have four shirts and Josiah got his second.  Sophie was too little to get any shirts, but maybe next year. 

I feel like there is so much to write, that I don't even know where to begin.  I guess I will do my list and try to remember as much as I can. 


*He continues to do really well with this school work.  It is amazing how much he remembers.  We will be starting back up this week with the letter Ll for leaves and later on in the month we will do Pp for pumpkins.  When we were in NC, I was able to get some of my teacher things out of the attic to bring back home.  After spending about an hour in the attic, I decided I need to spend a day out there labeling boxes and organizing in a better way, so in a couple of years when we really start doing school I will be able to find things easily. 
*His vocabulary and speaking continue to blow us away.  It is amazing to hear him talk in complete sentences and know for the most part what he is saying.  His grandparents were really impressed with his speaking skills, which is good that other people can understand what he is saying.  For awhile there, I thought I was speaking a whole other language called, "Josiahese." 
*His sense of humor is hysterical!!  This child keeps us laughing.  The other day, we were dropping one of the youth off at his house.  His main language is Spanish, so when he speaks English he has an accent.  Well, Edgar was saying the word "water," but he was pronouncing it "WA-ter."  Well, Chris was giving Edgar a hard time and they were joking about it.   Then out of no where Josiah says, "Edgar, WA-ter!"  and starts laughing.  Now when ever he hears us say, "Edgar," he says, "Edgar, WA-ter!" 
*Josiah has really gotten into drumming lately, too.  I've decided there is nothing that can't be turned into a drum and drumsticks.  He had a wonderful time at Pa T's house because Pa T took out his snare drum and drumsticks for Josiah to play.  All I can say is that child was in HEAVEN!!!  It was so cute because yesterday after we got home, I was putting the clothes away.  Josiah was in our room helping me.  He went over to my alarm clock and hit the sleep button.  He found a radio station that he liked and then went and found a pen and one of my make-up brushes.  He sat on the floor next to the radio and used his pen and brush to drum on the floor and the laundry basket.  The cutest thing is how he rocks his head back and forth like a drummer does.  I think there might be some drum classes in his future, but we shall see. 
*Josiah has been going through a little difficult time being left at any church nursery. It isn't a separation thing, but more of who is in the room.  There are a couple of kids that are in his room that are a little more aggressive than he is.  They have hit a couple of the other kids in the past, and I guess Josiah has their number.  If they aren't in the room, then he is absolutely fine, but as soon as they show up he looses it.  He just starts sobbing.  The families don't attend regularly and aren't on time, so it makes it a little hard knowing what is going to happen week to week.  It has gotten so bad that last week, I was bringing Josiah to the nursery and he was all excited about going.  As soon as I opened the door, and he saw this child he turned around and said, "I go to church, Momma."  It has been difficult for us because we don't like seeing him upset, but at the same time God has given him this sensitive spirit.  So the new plan is for me to stay with him during SS when these children are here to reassure him that it is OK and hopefully in time, he will be fine being in there


Now on to our little girl.

*Sophie is now doing the "boot scootin'" crawl. She sits up on her bottom and gets where she needs to go.  We try to show her how to get on her hands and knees, but she wants nothing to do with it.  So we just let her crawl how she wants to, and she does just fine. 
*She is so into food!!  She is still eating her baby food--Stage 3, by the way---but we do give her some table food to eat.  She is now eating bread, chicken, ham, pancakes, waffles, rice, mashed potatoes, green beans and pound cake.  We joke because with Josiah we always say, "You need to eat 5 more bites if you want dessert."  With Sophie we have a feeling we will be saying, "You can have 5 more bites and then you can't have anymore."  She goes next week for her 9 month check-up so it will be interesting to see how much she weighs.  She isn't overweight be any means, so that is good. I think she burns off all that she eats by how much she moves around. 
*She is starting to say more and more.  The other day, she started saying, "Hi, Dad!" when Chris walks into the room.  It wasn't a one time thing either.  She has started saying, "Momma" when she sees me, too. 
*She has the sweetest laugh ever.  Josiah is really the only one who can make her do that deep belly laugh.  It gets us all chuckling when the two of them are playing and laughing together.  They really are so sweet with each other. 
*She is going to give her brother a run for his money though.  The other day, he was trying to put his train tracks together and she scooted over to where he was and started taking the tracks apart.  As she was doing this, she was just giggling away.  Josiah was really sweet and never got mad at her. 
*She continues to love her bath time.  She is getting to be a big girl.  She sits up now for bath time and wants to be like Josiah so much.  She even tries to put her face in the water like he does. 
*She has finally cut her two upper teeth.  I knew they were trying to come through, but didn't realize it until she was grinding them together the other morning.  Let me tell you that it is the most skin tingling noise I have ever heard!!!!
*She is into copying some things that we do--mostly noises, but every once in awhile she will copy our actions.

Well, I guess that is all for now.  We are staying pretty busy.  Youth group is in full swing.  I am teaching ESOL plus discipling 3 ladies and serving at a nursery on Tuesday mornings so Josiah can have some interaction with kids his age.  I will try to find some time to download the pictures from our trip, but it will probably be in the middle of the week