Thursday, June 24, 2010

Father's Day 2010

Well, I'm a little late on adding a Father's Day entry, but the motto around the Greenwood house is, "Better late than never!" 

We had a pretty relaxing Father's Day.  We got up and went to church as a family.  Usually, Chris sings with the worship team, so he heads to church before the rest of us do.  It was nice to be able to ride together as a family and say our prayer to encounter God during worship together.  After worship, we took Chris to one of his favorite restaurants called "Foster's Grille."  They have some AWESOME burgers--even turkey for me--and grunge fries!  We came home and all took a nap--except for Chris.  He was helping some of our friends move into their new townhouse.  He came home shortly after the kids got up from their nap.  We spent the afternoon outside in the back yard.  Josiah and Chris put together Josiah's playhouse from Granny and Papa Gig, while Sophie and I swung and sat in the baby pool.  We didn't do anything fancy for dinner because we stayed pretty busy outside.  Chris did get two special meals on Monday.  For lunch, I picked up some wild salmon, corn on the cob and made some rice.  Then for dinner, I made his favorite chicken pot pie recipe and picked up some of his favorite bread from Wegman's.  I also made a strawberry pie for dessert.  Let's just say that boy ate well that day!!!    Monday was a nice family day since the rest of the week has been very busy!!  On Tuesday, Chris had to go to the court house for jury duty, but he never got picked.  That night we had one of the youth over for dinner, then had a Wipeout Party (this is one of Chris' favorite TV shows!) with 11 from the youth group.  On Wednesday, I spent most of the morning running errands for Josiah's birthday party.  This morning, I ran some more errands, had a lunch date with Chris, cleaned the house before sending Chris off to youth group.  I'm hoping to stay around the house tomorrow morning and have Josiah help me make cupcakes for his birthday party.  The only outing we will have is to go to the church to decorate for his party.  Chris' mom comes in LATE on Friday night.  We have Josiah's party Saturday morning, then lunch with our Home Fellowship Group, then we will have all the grandparents over for dinner on Saturday night.  Sunday is another busy day--Chris preaches and then leaves for his mission trip.  Chris' mom will be staying until Wednesday morning to help out with the kids and then my mom and niece will arrive on Thursday to stay the remainder of the time.  Chris gets back on Friday from his mission trip.  On Sunday, Chris and I will go away for the night for our 8th anniversary.  I have NO IDEA where we are going, but I am definitely looking forward to spending the evening with my hubby!  Well, I guess I will sign-off for now. I'm sure I'll be writing another entry for Josiah's 2nd Birthday, but that will have to be another day

Friday, June 18, 2010

So good to be back home

Well, Sophie did an AWESOME job flying!!!! I timed it just right so she would need to eat when we were taking off, so I think that helped her ears.  She did get a little fussy, but it was because she was tired.  She fell asleep while she was eating and slept the rest of the flight.  Josiah LOVED flying!!!!  He wanted to sit in Mimi's lap next to the window so he could see all that was going on.  He continues to be an AWESOME flyer.  I'm so sad that in ten days he will no longer be a free flyer.  So who knows how much flying we will really do. 

The kids did a great job with sleeping in a new place.  The first night I slept with Josiah in his bed--maybe "slept" is a loose interpretation!    After the first night he slept all by himself like a big boy.  Sophie did a great job sleeping all by herself.  They also did a great job being introduced to so many people that they have never seen before or don't remember seeing.  Saturday night I had a wedding to go to and both the kids stayed with my cousin, her son and my aunt.  They did a fabulous job!!  

The only time they had a melt down was the night before we left.  Josiah had been up since 4:30am with only an hour nap.  We made it to NH way past his dinner time.  It was a good think the restaurant we picked was right next to our hotel.  I left my parents and my aunt and uncle to catch up, and the kids and I headed back to the hotel room for baths and a quick dinner. 

Even though I had fun visiting with family, it is always nice to be back home and sleeping in our own beds and having our routine.  It took a few days to adjust to having some structure again, but we are back in the swing of things.  Please look at our photo album to see some pictures from our trip

Thursday, June 10, 2010

First Flight

Well, tomorrow Sophie will be taking her first plane ride.  My parents have flown to VA today, and we will all be heading to VT for a long weekend because one of my cousins is getting married.  We are doing a direct flight just in case Sophie isn't overly thrilled with flying.  Josiah was a super first flyer, but I'm beginning to learn that I can't compare the two because they are NOTHING alike!!  Smile  This will be the first time that Josiah will remember flying, so it will be interesting to see his reaction.  We've been talking about it all week, so hopefully he will continue to be an excellent flyer!! 

While we are in VT, Sophie will be able to meet her great-grandmother that she is named after, so I look forward to the photo-op we will have.  Please come back at the end of next week to see pictures of our trip. 

Chris will be staying in VA and batching it for four days.  He's already made a list of movies he wants to watch and places he wants to eat.  The funny thing is...I gave him a honey-do list for when we are gone!!   He has actually started on a few of the things--he must really want to watch some movies!! Laughing

Well, I should get going.  Say some prayers for us--they are ALWAYS appreciated!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sophie Update

Well, we took Sophie to the cardiologist today, and she did AWESOME being attached to the ultrasound and EKG machines.  The cardiologist said that she does have a heart murmur and innocent like the pediatrician thought.  There are NO restrictions for Sophie, so we are PRAISING the LORD for that!!!!  The cardiologist feels like she will outgrow the heart murmur, but there is no way of knowing for sure.  We are so thankful that she is fine and praising God for being so good to our family.  I want to say a BIG thank you for all the prayers that were said on our behalf.