Wednesday, May 26, 2010

In His Hands

Well, the last few days have been rather interesting at the Greenwoods.  On Monday, I took Sophie to her 4 month check-up.  Things were going great as they were weighing her and measuring her.  Then the doctor asked me, "Has anyone ever mentioned Sophie having a heart murmur?"  At that point, my heart dropped.  I told her, "No."  She then proceeded to tell me that she felt like it was an innocent heart murmur and nothing serious, but wanted to refer us to a cardiologist to just make sure.  I called Chris to tell him that we were leaving the doctor's office.  He wanted to know how things went, so I told him and he was a little taken aback by the news.  I told him this is exactly why I NEVER wanted to go to a doctor appointment by myself!  When I got home, Chris went ahead and made an appointment for Tuesday, June 1st with the cardiologist.  I got on the computer and emailed all my prayer warriors to start praying for little Sophie.  So we will post after her doctor appointment and let everyone know how she is doing.  I found myself, on Monday, holding her a little bit longer, giving her more hugs and kisses.  Chris and I are praying that everything is going to be fine when we take her to the cardiologist because we serve a God who is the Great Physician.  If it's not His will to have her completely healed, then we will walk through this journey in His Hands.  Either way, we are at peace and know that God is control of this whole situation and He is the One that gave us Sophie knowing we are the best parents for her. 

Please be in prayer for us as we go to the cardiologist--to give him the wisdom to check Sophie thoroughly

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

On the Road Again and Again and Again

Well, we have made it safely back to Northern Virginia after driving to South Georgia.  It took us almost 17 hours to get there and almost 16 hours to get back.  We did break up the drive both ways.  On the way down we spent the night at Lin-Lin and Pa T's house in North Carolina.  On the way home we stopped back in North Carolina, but we spent two nights at Pa T and Lin-Lin's house. 
Even though our trip was very long, we are so PROUD of Josiah and Sophie on how well they traveled.  The only time we heard crying was when Sophie was ready to eat.  About a week and half before our trip, Sophie was still crying when we put her in the car seat, so we were a little hesitant on how the trip was going to be.  Honestly, I was dreading getting in the car with her, but she proved us all wrong by being a super-wonderful traveler!  We had to stop every 2.5 to 3 hours to feed her, but that gave Josiah the opportunity to run around. 

We got into Valdosta on Monday around dinner time.  Sophie got to meet her Bup-Bup and Uncle Toady for the first time.  After eating dinner and playing a little bit, we got the kids ready for bed.  Sophie did a great job going to bed, but Josiah wasn't too sure about his big boy bed at Mimi and Bup-Bup's house.  Chris ended up sleeping in the room with Josiah for the first night. 

Tuesday morning we got up and started our visiting.  We went to see Mama Ann, Mimi and Granny at work.  We went to see our friends, the Harps, and had lunch with them.  CJ and Emily have a little girl, Naomi, that was born five days before Sophie.  After lunch, we brought the kids home for a nap.  Mimi and Auntie Shue watched Sophie and Josiah, while Chris and I went on a date.  We went walking around Wal-mart--I know we are pathetic!  Then we went and got me some new clothes for my Mother's Day.  After our little bit of shopping, we went to get a massage.  WOW is all I can say!  We were both so relaxed after our massages that we were pretty much useless!  While we were having our date, Josiah went with Auntie Shue to pick up Tayler from school--he had fun hanging out with his Auntie.  Sophie was spoiled by her Mimi by being held most of the time.  We were pretty much on our schedule that night.  Josiah slept in his big boy bed all by himself, and we were so proud of him! 

On Wednesday, we went to see Auntie Shue at her house.  Josiah rode the tractor with Auntie Shue, looked at the goldfish int he pond, went swinging and sliding on the playground and fed the horses some treats.  After spending the morning at Auntie Shue's, we went to Tayler's school to have lunch with her.   That night we went over to Papa Gig and Granny's house for dinner.  Sophie met her Papa Gig and Auntie Kate for the first time.  Josiah had a blast chasing the kitties around.  Blue was really good with Josiah and tolerated Josiah chasing him around and giving him kitty kisses.  We had to leave kind of abruptly because Sophie was ready to go home and go to bed. 

On Thursday, we spent the morning at Papa Gig and Granny's house.  We had breakfast over there, then Josiah went golfing and bowling with them.  Chris and I headed to the mall to get him some work shirts that were on sale for an early Father's Day present.  After going to the mall, we met up with Katherine and had lunch with her and her boyfriend.  We went back home, so the kids could take a nap, then we headed over to Fitzgerald so we could have our eyes checked.  We got home and then headed over to visit with our friends, the Halters.  After a brief visit, we went to listen to Tayler practice for her singing recital.  She has such an AMAZING voice. Josiah enjoyed listening to his cousin sing.  We left before the concert started, so we could get the kids home for bed.

On Friday, I went and did some more shopping.  I got some material for my mom to make me a diaper bag.  We pretty much spent the day at my parent's house just relaxing.  We did go and see Granny since we would be leaving so early in the morning.  Tayler came over after school, and we went swimming.  We all had dinner together and just enjoyed each others company. 

Saturday morning, we got up and were on the road a little after 7am.  We drove all the way to Goldsboro, NC.  The kids did an AMAZING job, again!  Josiah was a big boy and slept in a bed all by himself--on the way down, Chris ended up sleeping with him because he was scared.  We spent all day Sunday with Pa T and Lin-Lin, which meant we were able to spend Mother's Day with Lin-Lin We got up and went to church. After church, we had brunch at the country club with Lin-Lin, Pa T and the Keims.  The kids came back home and took a nap--Daddy got up with the kids, so I could take a nice long nap--a WONDERFUL Mother's Day present!  Sophie got up before Josiah, so Chris took her to Target to buy some diapers and pick up a few more Mother's Day presents. After nap time, we all hung out--Josiah was trying to get everyone to turn the fans on and off! After hearing, "Fan on" and "Fan off" all week, it makes me thankful that we don't have any fans out our house!   Laughing

We got up Monday morning and headed home.  The kids continued doing a great job traveling.  We got home at a decent time, so our bed time routine wasn't effected.  I spent some time with them outside while Chris unpacked the van.  We pretty much had everything back in it's place last night before the kids went to bed.  On the other hand, we have TONS of laundry to do! 

As you can see, we had a busy week.  We are so glad that we spent the week traveling to see our family.  Josiah is at the age where he remembers what he has done and who he has seen.  It is a privilege to watch him grow and make memories, and I look forward to the day that Sophie can remember what she has done and whom she has seen. 

I know I've said this many times before, but I feel truly blessed to have a wonderful husband.  Even though we weren't home for Mother's Day, he still made me feel special.  The little things of telling me how beautiful I am and how blessed he is to have me as his wife and the mother of his children mean so much to much.  The surprises of taking me clothes shopping, since the last time I went shopping was for maternity clothes when I was pregnant with Josiah, lets me know that he understands wanting to look nice for him and feel confident in how I look.  (Wearing clothes that are still too small or too big because they are maternity clothes isn't much of a self-esteem booster!) On the way home it hit me that last year on Mother's Day, I was celebrating being a mother of Josiah--little did I know that Sophie was in the oven cooking!  In a year, we have added to our family and now I'm celebrating being a mother of two.  It is amazing all that can happen in a year!  I am so happy being a stay at home wife and mother, and I'm so thankful that I'm able to do this every day.  I hope all my mommy friends had a wonderful Mother's Day like I did