Friday, February 12, 2010

4 Weeks, already?

Well, Sophie has been a part of our family for four weeks already.  The time has gone
by quickly.  I don't know if it has gone by quickly because of all the snow we have 
gotten or because of the sleep deprived fog we have been walking around in. 

Sophie has gotten better about napping in her crib during the day, but at night it 

is another story.  We normally start her bed time routine around 6:30pm.  Usually, 
she is down for the night by 11:30pm.  Last night, she didn't go to bed until 2:30am.
The good thing is she is not screaming like she was before.  She usually falls 
asleep and sleeps for 30 to 45 minutes before she gets up and does it all over
again.  Chris and I are hanging in there and trying not to let the sleeplessness 
effect our attitude.  If we do happen to snap at each other, we try to quickly 
apologize and get our attitude in check.  Like I said, we are hanging in other and 
trying to enjoy each season of Sophie's life because we are truly blessed to have
 her in our lives. 

Some of Sophie's milestones for the week:

*Fell asleep on her own for nap.
*Stayed awake for 1.5 hours--during the day.
*Outgrown her newborn clothing--this has made Mommy very sad--she's growing too

*Had to move the strap up in car seat--again, this made Mommy sad--I'm talking like 

she is our last child, but good Lord willing we will be blessed with a few more 
*Once she goes down for the night she will sleep 3 to 4 hours before she wants 

to eat again.
*Took a bath for the first time in the bath tub without crying the whole time.

Josiah's milestones for the week:

*Sophie was crying during dinner time.  Josiah took his fingers and put them 

in his ears--we have no idea where he learned to do this, but he knew he didn't
want to hear her crying anymore!Laughing
*We ventured out after the snow storm. Chris was driving and his tires spun a 

little bit.  Josiah was in the back seat saying, "Whoa! Whoa!"
*When you ask him a question, he pauses and says, "Hmmmm.." while he taps his 

finger on his cheek.
*He ate a hot dog for the first time.
*He has climbed the stairs by himself--we need to do a better job at closing the 

*He has learned how to blow out candles.
*He can point to  some of the letters when we ask him to find a letter.
*We have gotten our new double stroller and have been taking "walks" in the house. 

I was checking on Josiah to see how he was doing.  When I walked in to the front 
of the stroller, I found him with an arm bent behind his head and one  of his legs
 man crossed just chillin' in his stroller. 
*I checked on him one night after he had gone to bed.  I found him with both of 

his arms bent behind his head with his lion laying on top of his chest. 
*He went on his first play date this week and went to a cool play place with Daddy.  

He will be starting swimming lessons in March.  We are trying to make sure he has 
time each week with other children his age.

Hope you have enjoyed the update on Josiah and Sophie.  I'll try to add some 

pictures sometime this weekend. 


Thursday, February 4, 2010

"19 months and 2 weeks" 

Well, we officially have a 19 month old and a 2 week old.  Where has the last month gone?  Well, we celebrated the New Year with some contractions, did some last minute things to prepare for Sophie's arrival, celebrated Chris' birthday--I won't say how old he turned--Sealed and welcomed Sophie into the world. 

The Greenwood parents are doing a pretty good job surviving.  Sophie has a little bit of colic and has been up from 10pm to 2am quite a few nights.  After having dealt with this with Josiah, we don't feel as overwhelmed.  We are a bit tired, but some how we carry on through God's strength.

The latest on Sophie:

*She gained 10 oz in a week.
*She lost her umbilical cord when she was a little over a week old.
*She has taken her first bath in the bathroom sink.
*She has lifted her head and turned it from side to side while doing belly time.

The latest on Josiah:

*He LOVES taking showers. I'm not overly surprised that our water boy loves to take showers, but when he says the word after me asking him one time, lets me know that he REALLY loves showers. 
*He went to his first open play time at the community center gym.  He "played" with the other kids by being in the same room as them.
*He really likes being in the kitchen with Mommy as she bakes and makes dinner.  This week we made Valentine's Day cookies.  We even had a lesson on making the color purple.  When we mixed the blue and red together and it made purple, he said, "Whoa!"  
*He loves him some puddin'.  We can actually get him to eat a couple more bites of food by telling him he can have some pudding.  He often says, "Puddin', puddin', puddin'!"  and lets out a big screech. 
*Tonight he read a story with me.  He was able to read the words "Mommy" and "Daddy" in the story. 
*He continues to excel with his shapes and has even started counting.  He will say, "2, 3, 5, 6, 7."  OK, so we are missing a few numbers, but he is doing a great job. 
*He LOVES all the snow that we have gotten lately and wants to so badly go outside.  He has gone out a few times to help Daddy shovel---which is a lot easier with a real shovel.  Laughing
*He LOVES his baby sister A LOT!  When he gets up in the morning, he asks for "Baby?" At night before he goes to bed, he needs to go see "Baby." 

Even though Chris and I have been walking around in a sleep deprived fog, we are still very honored to receive God's calling to be the parents of Josiah and Sophie.  We know these sleepless nights is a season and we may even miss them after the kids are all grown up--well, maybe not!  Smile  Please keep us in our prayers as we continue to love and nurture these wonderful children.