Friday, January 22, 2010

"One week"

Well, Sophie has officially been a part of our family for a week now.  How truly blessed we are to have her here.  We continue to adjust to having two children, but I can't imagine not having both of them as part of our family.  Josiah is really loving his "baby."  This morning I was coming down the stairs and he heard us.  He said "Momma, Baby!"  While eating breakfast he wanted to get up on the table (we had Sophie in her bouncy seat on the table) to see "Baby."  He loves giving her kisses and gets concerned when she doesn't have a hat on her head.  Watching how gentle he is makes me smile--he is learning from Daddy on how to be gentle with girls.  I couldn't think of a better man to show Josiah the ropes. 

Today is my first day home with just the kids.  I will have a friend come over around lunch and nap time to lift Josiah into his highchair and crib for me.  It'll be another week before I can pick him up again.  Even though I'm feeling great and feel like I could do it if needed, I've decided it probably best to follow doctor's orders. 

We thank you for the continued prayers.  God has truly blessed us in many ways.  Please continue to pray as we learn about our sweet, little Sophie.  We have learned that things we did for Josiah don't necessarily work for Sophie.  How truly amazing God is when creating life and thankful that we aren't all alike.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Waiting Patiently--Well, trying to

Well, we are trying to wait patiently for Sophie's arrival.  I'm definitely ready to have her here.  We went to the doctor last Thursday, and I was almost 2cm, 70% effaced and -2 station.  That night I lost my plug and started to have some contractions.  We thought that she would be arriving.  Well, she didn't!  I've been having contractions on and off since then, but nothing to have us head to the hospital.  Today we went to the mall to walk around trying to coax  her out.  It worked on Josiah, so we will have to see if his sister is going to be as cooperative.  We are definitely ready for her--room is finished, suitcases are packed and in the car, lists are made for Josiah's care.  I'm trying not to get too antsy, but I'm ready to be able to see my feet again and put my socks and shoes on without any help.  We will keep you posted on any progress--the hospital has wireless, so we should be able to post pictures while we are there.  Keep us in your prayers as we wait for her arrival and to enjoy these last few days with just our sweet little boy!