Wednesday, December 22, 2010

CHRISTmas 2010

Well, this is one of my favorite things to do each year—writing the Greenwood Christmas Letter.  I guess I enjoy it so much because it gives me the chance to reflect on what God has been doing in our lives. 

We started off 2010 by welcoming our newest addition, Sophie Sugai.  She arrived on January 15th weighing in at 7lbs 3oz and measuring 20 ¾ inches long.  Labor was about 4 ½ hours and after 5 minutes—yes, 5 minutes—of pushing, she made her entrance into the world.  Let me tell you, ever since that day, she lets us know that she is a part of our family.  The first three months were VERY rough.  All she did was cry, cry and cry some more.  Chris and I were working off the definition of colic that we had gotten when Josiah was a baby, so we didn’t think she had colic.  It was amazing because when she turned three months, she just stopped crying —let me tell you the next day I was trying to remember everything I did the day before so we could have another cry free day.  Shortly after she turned three months, I was reading an article about colic.  In the article, it re-defined colic.  Well, according to this definition, Sophie had colic.  I think when a definition on colic changes, a world-wide memo should be sent out letting parents know—this is kind of important information.  Sophie is almost 11 months old and continues to bring much joy to our life.  She definitely has a fiery personality and is very vocal in the process.  When this little girl wants something, you better watch out!  I’ve decided that I need to go ahead and read “The Strong-Willed Child” by Dr. Dobson.  Usually, disciplining Sophie starts with me telling her no and ends with her smiling and laughing at me.  The disciplining makes her even more determined to get or do what she wants.  We are praying that she is getting this all out of her system before the teenage years, but I have a feeling this is just the beginning!!  Sophie continues to amaze us on how quickly she is learning things.  I think she is learning things so quickly because she has Josiah to watch and learn from.  She is already crawling and pulling herself up to her knees.  She tolerates the baby food we give her and lets us know when she is ready for some table food.   We really look forward to seeing how God is going to shape Sophie and how He is going to use her.  We know her fiery personality is a gift from Him and can be used in a positive way—let’s just hope we remember that as she gets older!!

Josiah is now two.  He continues to be a WONDERFUL big brother to Sophie.  He is so gentle with her.  We don’t worry about leaving Josiah and Sophie in the same room, and we are so thankful for that.  This year, I have started school with Josiah.  About a year ago, we started the “Your Baby Can Read” videos.  Josiah has done really well with them and has started to recognize quite a few of the words.  I didn’t work too much with him on letters and sounds, but he has picked them up along the way.  I could tell towards the end of the summer, he was starting to get bored with our routine, so I decided that we would go ahead and try school.  So in September, we started school two days a week.  We track our weather every day and talk about what the date is.  On the two days of school, we do a Bible lesson.  We have learned about Creation, Noah’s Ark and when Jesus feeds the 5,000.  We were amazed the first time Josiah told us what happened on each day of Creation.  After Bible, Sophie usually goes down for her morning nap, and then Josiah and I do a lesson on the letter he is learning.  We usually go over the sound the letter makes and then we make a craft of something that begins with that letter to put in his ABC’s book.  In the afternoon, we do a math lesson and then we do some kind of Science or Social Studies lesson.  So far he really enjoys school.  There are some days when he doesn’t want to do anything, so I just go along with it—I mean who doesn’t have a day when all they want to do is stay in their pajamas and play.  When we do play, the big hit at our house is Thomas the Tank Engine or Dinosaur Trains.  In September, we went on our first family vacation.  Yes, we have been on trips before, but it usually was with family members or going to see family.  For our trip, we headed to Strasburg, PA, outside of Lancaster and spent two nights in Amish Country.  The Greenwood Family thoroughly enjoyed our vacation for different reasons.  The parents enjoyed getting away from the hustle and bustle of DC.  Josiah enjoyed seeing Thomas in person and riding in the “boose.”  I don’t know why he says we rode in the caboose because we didn’t, but we just let him go along with it.  Sophie pretty much went along for the ride and enjoyed having new territory to explore.  Another big achievement for Josiah is he is now day-time potty trained.  I think we were totally spoiled with him because he pretty much initiated wanting to use the potty at the beginning of the summer.

Chris continues to stay busy with all that he does at the church.  He preached a great sermon series on discipleship this summer.  I will include the church’s webpage at the end, so you can go listen to his sermons if you have time.  He is going to start preaching the first Sunday of each month, so he is pretty excited about that.  We both feel like we have really started connecting with the youth and enjoy having them around.  We have three youth that live within walking distance from us, and two of them were over at our house quite a bit this summer.  Chris and I were a little sad when school started and they weren’t around as much. We get to see one every week because she comes over to watch the kids while I teach ESOL.  The other one comes over every Friday evening, so we can study the Bible together.  There are moments (when we stay up way past our bed time) that we feel really old, but we are so thankful for the ministry God has given us here.

Well, where do I begin with me?  Well, I guess the biggest thing going on in my life started back on July 1st when I took the kids to an animal farm when my mom and niece were in town visiting.  While we were there, Josiah asked if he could ride the pony.  My gut feeling was this was a bad idea, but for him to initiate something like this was big for him.  So, we got in line and waited our turn.  I asked him a couple of times if he really wanted to do this, and he assured me that he did.  I asked one last time as we were walking over to the pony, and he told me that he wanted to.  So up on the pony—small horse—he went.  Since this was his first time, the handler thought it would be a good idea for me to walk on the other side of the pony.  Now, the light weight that Josiah is, as soon as the horse took off, Josiah started to get off balance on the saddle.  The horse stopped, so the handler could get Josiah centered back on the horse.  When she did, the horse side stepped right on my flip flop wearing foot and stood there for a good 10 seconds.  I didn’t make a big deal about it because I didn’t want Josiah to be frightened, so we continued on the pony ride.  By the time the ride was over, the top of my foot was the size of a tennis ball.  At that point, I decided I needed to go the ER.  So here it is in December, five months since the accident, and I’m almost fully recovered.  I’ve had a soft cast, a boot, a hard cast and a boot—again.  After being under the care of an orthopedic doctor for about three months, he wanted me to go see a pain management doctor.  He couldn’t find anything on the x-rays and felt that 3 months was plenty of time for muscles and tendons to heal.   So off we went to the pain specialist, and I was diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS).  CRPS pretty much means when I had my accident, my nerves were telling my brain that I was hurt and had been injured, but they never stopped telling my brain any differently.  The treatment for CRPS is to have injections of steroids into the nerve heads in my back that go to my foot to reset the nerves.  Now, for those of you who know me, I never had an epidural during labor because I wanted NOTHING near my spine, so this was a BIG deal for me.  This was a moment that I needed to trust God.  I needed to trust the fact that He is the One who gives skills to certain individuals—especially, the pain specialist I was seeing.  I have learned a lot about my relationship with God over the last five months.  Sure there were times, when I was down because I just wanted to be done with the whole ordeal, but I am truly thankful for all the lessons I have learned and for my deeper relationship with God.

Well, I guess that is all for this year.  We hope you all have a very Merry CHRISTmas and a Happy Blessed New Year!   

 Blessed by Him,

Chris, Sara, Josiah and Sophie

Friday, December 17, 2010

First Snow of 2010

Yesterday, we had our first snow of the season!!!  It started snowing while I was teaching ESOL and the kids were home with the "World's Bestest Babysitter," Darian.  On my way home, I stopped at Chic-Fil-A to pick up some chicken noodle soup--I couldn't think of a better meal for on the go.  While we were eating our lunch, Darian's two younger brother's came over because they were out playing in the snow.  Then another one of the youth came over once she got off from school.  Darian made a special treat that I had never had before--snow ice cream.  It was very good treat.  Then one of our friends brought her three kids over to hang out with us.  While everyone was here, we made some CHRISTmas ornaments out of applesauce and cinnamon. If you look in the December Album, you will see some pictures from our first snow day.  As you will see, we had quite a bit of fun.  Today, Josiah and I went outside for a little bit to play in the snow while Sophie took a nap...of course, I got some pictures. 

On a side note...Sophie is now standing up using anything she can grab on to.  The other day, she was side stepping along the couch to get a book.  Once she got the book, she stood there all by herself.  I have a feeling she will be taking off soon, and I think I should be VERY afraid!!!! Laughing  She is also doing well with her signing.  She can do "more", "milk", "all done."  We are still working on "please" and "thank you."  She is starting to recognize some words on her videos and will do our special sign or sound.  The words she knows are "clap," "gorilla," "arms up," "mouth," and sometimes "ears."  We are so very proud of what she is learning already at just 11 months old. 

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

So this year, I decided to have a reflection each night at the dinner table on something or someone we are thankful for.  We did it for all 30 days.  I must admit some days we had to play catch up, but we each found 30 things we are thankful for.  Read below to see what The Greenwood Family is thankful for.

1st: Chris--my kids; Sara--my salvation through Jesus; Josiah--Daddy
2nd: Chris--my wife; Sara--my husband; Josiah--Mommy
3rd: Chris--Jesus; Sara--Josiah and Sophie; Josiah--Harper
4th: Chris--our church family; Sara--all my extended family; Josiah--Mommy & Daddy
5th: Chris--rest of our family; Sara--our church; Josiah--Lindy
6th: Chris--healthy family; Sara--my foot is better; Josiah--Sophie
7th: Chris--our home; Sara--our home; Josiah--dinosaur trains
8th: Chris--good communication; Sara--food to eat; Josiah--Sophie
9th: Chris--Bible; Sara--healthy family; Josiah--Lin-Lin & Pa T
10th: Chris--marriage; Sara--Bible; Josiah--D (Darian)
11th: Chris--friends; Sara--youth ministry; Josiah--Jesus
12th: Chris--youth; Sara--disciples; Josiah--John (McLeod)
13th: Chris--Pastor Tom; Sara--friends; Josiah--Roary (his stuffed animal)
14th: Chris--glasses (help of Josiah); Sara--ministry opportunities;Josiah--Jen (McLeod)
15th: Chris--finances; Sara--7pm every day; Josiah--juice
16th: Chris--music; Sara--waking up to my family; Josiah--Junior (Veggie Tales)
17th: Chris--forgiveness; Sara--mercy-new every day; Josiah-cookies
18th: Chris--clothes to wear; Sara--Corey, Harper & Auden; Josiah--cereal
19th: Chris--new day; Sara--van; Josiah--Lin-Lin's cake
20th: Chris--good listeners; Sara--taking a shower; Josiah--"coffee" (water)
21st: Chris--water for baths/showers; Sara--being able to buy for others; Josiah--pretzels
22nd: Chris--money to buy things for others; Sara--electricity; Josiah--Herndon caboose
23rd: Chris--our cars; Sara--being able to go grocery shopping; Josiah--Thomas the Tank Engine
24th: Chris--Thanksgiving; Sara--warm clothes; Josiah--Baby Auden
25th: Chris--Christmas; Sara--laughter; Josiah--toys
26th: Chris--hairbows; Sara--camera to capture memories; Josiah--train dessert (made with Granny Whoosh)
27th: Chris--happy children; Sara--being able to have fun with kids; Josiah--sparkly juice
28th: Chris--HFG; Sara--HFG; Josiah--waffles
29th: Chris--family day; Sara--Christmas; Josiah--candles
30th: Chris--warm fire; Sara--family day; Josiah--bubbles

Well, this is a portion of what we are thankful for.  God has truly blessed our family in 2010.  We have had some very happy times and even some trying times, but we continued to praise Him through it all.  We look forward to seeing how He is going to use us in 2011

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Harper and Auden Visit

Well, the long anticipated visit of Harper and Auden has come and gone.  I can honestly say that Josiah LOVED every minute of it.  He woke up Thursday morning wanting to know when Harper was coming.  Then at nap time, he didn't want to go to sleep because he wanted to see Harper.  That afternoon, when the doorbell rang, he ran as fast as his little legs could carry him to the front door while yelling Harper's name.  As soon as Harper came inside, they were off to playing.  That night, they both went to sleep without any problems.  Friday morning was pretty laid back.  We headed to the Metro station to pick up Jacinda (Harper and Auden's nanny).  We added our 8th seat to the van so we would have enough room for everyone and headed out.  Josiah got into his car seat which was in the way back, and he kept saying, "This is gonna be fun!"  We listened to the "train song" quite a few times while Harper and Josiah drummed along with their hands.  Auden slept most of the time and Sophie just took it all in.  After picking up Jacinda, we headed to Greek restaurant for lunch, then headed home for some naps.  After nap time, we went for a walk to down town and stopped at the bakery for a slice of bread and got a couple of cookies for the kids.  On our way back home, we stopped at the caboose so Harper and Josiah could climb around.  Once again, when it came time for bed, there wasn't a peep out of either one of them.  Saturday morning we got up and  played in the backyard for a little while.  While we were outside, Lin-Lin and Lola came over for a visit. After playing outside, we came inside to make some hibernation cupcakes.  Josiah and I had been learning about hibernation during our school, so I thought this would be a fun activity to do with them.  We took Teddy Grahams and placed them in the cupcake batter so they were hiding and then cooked the cupcakes. We visited for a little while, then headed out for some lunch.  After lunch, the kids came home to take a nap and went right to sleep.  After nap time, we went to the park and played.  The kids had so much fun going down the slide, swinging and rolling down the hill.  It was so great to see them playing so nicely together.  We came home and ate some dinner, then the kids played some more before bed time.  On Sunday, we headed to church.  We stayed at the church and ate lunch with some of the youth before they headed to a dance recital.  We came home and put the kids down for a nap and once again, they went right to sleep.  After their nap, we went for a walk on the W&OD trail before taking the gang to the airport.  I was dreading this time because I knew it would be hard for Josiah.  He did pretty well until we were sitting at the dinner table.  He put his head down on the table and told me, "I sad, Momma."  I asked him why he was sad and he told me, "Harper not in her chair at the table."  My heart just hurt for him, but I explained to him that she needed to go back to England do see Uncle Si, her daddy, because she hadn't seen him for a really long time.  He seemed fine with it, but I knew he was missing his cousin. 

As for Sophie and Auden...well, they are the typical second child.  They just go along for the ride most of the time.  Auden was great--had LOTS of smiles and spent a lot of time sleeping.  Sophie had a great time trying to keep up with Josiah and Harper. 

As you can see, we had a great visit with my sister in law and nieces.  I was sad to see them go and didn't like the quiet house on Sunday night, but I know they needed to get back home.  We are just so thankful that they wanted to come spend a few days with us

Monday, November 8, 2010

Fall is finally here

Well, it is the middle of November and it is FINALLY feeling like fall outside.   Josiah asked us the other day when he could wear his orange jacket.  The fact that he remembered his orange jacket from last winter just shocks me.  It has been in the closet down in our basement, so it isn't like he was seeing it everyday.  His memory just continues to shock us.  So needless to say, we have pulled out our jackets, hats and mittens.  We are enjoying getting bundled up in our warm clothes, but I know in a few months I will be ready to get our summer clothes out. 

I went back to the doctor last Monday, and I got another round of injections in my back for my foot.  The doctor said he would like to see me in a month to see how things are going.  He did say that my foot was looking better, but didn't want to release me yet.  This time, the injections have left me in a bit more pain in my back than the first time, but on the brighter side---my foot hasn't been hurting!!!!  I know the back pain will eventually go away once the bruising heals.  So it looks like we are on the right track, and I'm so thankful that God continues to heal my foot. 

We went to our first football game as a family--look in our November album.  Josiah was fascinated by all the tackling and ball throwing.  I know Daddy would love for Josiah to play football, but Mommy isn't too sure about seeing her baby get hit by a bunch of big guys.  Sophie had a great time screaming when everyone else cheered.  It was very cold that day, so we took whatever blankets we had in the van and bundled up.  It is so much fun creating memories with our children and exposing them to firsts. 

In a little over a week, our two nieces (and their Mommy ) will be coming for a visit from England.  Josiah is so excited to have "Harpie and Auden come over."  We have made a count down chain, so he looks forward to taking a link off each day.  We can't wait for all the cousins to play together, and we can't wait to catch up with Corey.  We are sad that Simon isn't able to come, but maybe we can Skype with him at some point. 

Well, that is about all for now.  Hope this finds everyone well.  Come back in a couple of weeks to see pictures with Harper and Auden

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Praising Jesus

Well, I wanted to take a minute to update what has been going on with my foot--yes, the drama continues, but I'm praying that it has come to an end. 

On Monday, we went to the pain management doctor, and he diagnosed me with CRPS--Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.  This is a fancy way of saying that my sympathetic nerves went into action when the horse stepped on my foot, which is normal.  The thing that isn't normal is they never stopped doing what they were supposed to.  The doctor told me treatment would involve having some injections in my back.  I wasn't overly thrilled about it, but after talking with him, he reassured me that this was a VERY SAFE procedure.  He said that pretty much my nerves are a like a computer that needs to be rebooted.  He said my nerves need to be told how to function the right way.  He felt like that this was caught early enough so I should have a complete recovery. He has patients that wait years to come see him and he said their outcome isn't as good. He feels like one round of injections is all I should need, but I go back in two weeks to see how things are going.  He and his PA did tell me NOT to go online to see what CRPS is because I would be absolutely terrified.  They told me that what I would find on the internet would be worse case scenarios.  Chris asked me if I wanted to take some time to think about it and come back.  I thought a few seconds and said let's do it.  So Monday afternoon, I went ahead and got the injections.  I won't say that I wasn't worried, but I needed to trust God in this situation.  Trust that He was the one that gave this doctor the ability to practice medicine.  God really was the one who got  me through the procedure, and I've been praising Him ever since.  Monday afternoon, I was pretty sore where he put the injections.   I didn't sleep very well because my back and hip hurt a lot as the numbing medicines wore off.  But the great news is Tuesday morning, I woke up with NO PAIN in my foot!!   I am still pain free today, so I'm thanking the Lord for that.  I know God has had His hand on me this whole time.  I know He could have healed me without the help of doctors, but I feel like I had to depend on and  trust in Him more by having the injections than if He had outright healed me.  I said a week or so ago, that I would continue to be faithful to God no matter what direction He took this, and I feel like I have been faithful to Him.  I just pray that He feels the same way.

So I'm so thankful to have relief from this pain.  I feel even closer to God through this whole situation.  I pray that the injections were the only ones I will need to receive and that I am completely healed.  I look forward to wearing cute shoes again, but Chris is wise in telling me to wait a week or so to just make sure--I'm so glad that I married a wise man.  :)   I do want to thank all who have prayed for me.  God was listening to all your prayers and for that I am truly thankful

Friday, October 15, 2010

Foot Update

I just wanted to take a minute to update this long journey with my foot.  On Monday, we went back to the orthopedic doctor.  He was still very puzzled by the fact that my foot is discolored, is hurting and having a burning sensation.  He took some more x-rays trying to find a break or the healing of a break, but he couldn't find ANYTHING.  He then proceeded to tell us that he felt like there is something else going on.  He has requested for some blood work to be done thinking that maybe something was previously there and the foot injury has made it come out.  A couple of the things he is testing me for are diabetes and lyme disease.  The other thing he is having tested is my sympathetic nervous system.  When you have an injury you sympathetic nervous system kicks in and then it returns to normal.  He is thinking that maybe my sympathetic nervous system didn't return to normal.  We have been praying that nothing is wrong, but especially not the second scenario.  Treatment for the second scenario involves injections into my spine.  For those of you who know our birthing experiences, I didn't get any epidurals because I didn't want anything in my spine or near my spine.  So I humbly ask for your prayers that God will heal me completely.  That when I go back for my follow up there will be NO question on whether God healed.  No matter the outcome, I will continue to be faithful to my Savior and live my life for Him.  Thank you in advance for your prayer

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Update Time

Well, it has almost been a month since I last updated.  Where has the time gone?  Well, the fall schedule has started for the Greenwoods, and I don't think it will be slowing down anytime soon.  We just got back from our last vacation of the year.  The kids did an AMAZING job traveling.  We are so blessed to have children who travel so well.  Like I've said before, we will probably never live in the same town as family, so we will have to do plenty of traveling, so it makes it so much more pleasant with the happiness we hear from the back of the van. 

For our last trip of the year, we went to North Carolina to see Pa T and Lin-Lin.  We were able to go to the beach for a couple of days.  It was so nice to be able to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.  The beach has always been one of my favorite places to go and connect with God.  To know that He created every grain of sand that we walked on.  To know that He controls every single wave that crashes to the shore line.  To know that the breeze is controlled by Him.  It just leaves me breathless.  OK, enough about me.  The kids had a wonderful time at the beach.  The weather wasn't overly warm, but Josiah managed to talk his Pa T into taking him swimming one afternoon.  On our way  back home from the beach, I asked Josiah what his favorite thing was at the beach.  His response, "Swimming Pa T. I splash Pa T and Lin-Lin!"  Later that night, someone else asked him what was his favorite part of the beach, and he responded with the same answer.  We continue to be amazed at his memory!!!  We also brought a kite to fly on the beach, and he enjoyed that, too.  I don't know who had more fun though, Chris or Josiah.    Sophie enjoyed the beach as much as an 8 1/2 month old can.  We did put her feet down in the sand and even in the water.  The water was surprisingly warm, so she didn't mind getting a little wet.  She wasn't too sure about her feet sinking in the sand when the water went back down, but she never fussed so we thought that was a good thing.  We went to the AB (Atlantic Beach) Surf Store and bought our traditional AB t-shirt.  It is a neat tradition that has been started.  We all get the same color shirts for that year.  I think I now have four shirts and Josiah got his second.  Sophie was too little to get any shirts, but maybe next year. 

I feel like there is so much to write, that I don't even know where to begin.  I guess I will do my list and try to remember as much as I can. 


*He continues to do really well with this school work.  It is amazing how much he remembers.  We will be starting back up this week with the letter Ll for leaves and later on in the month we will do Pp for pumpkins.  When we were in NC, I was able to get some of my teacher things out of the attic to bring back home.  After spending about an hour in the attic, I decided I need to spend a day out there labeling boxes and organizing in a better way, so in a couple of years when we really start doing school I will be able to find things easily. 
*His vocabulary and speaking continue to blow us away.  It is amazing to hear him talk in complete sentences and know for the most part what he is saying.  His grandparents were really impressed with his speaking skills, which is good that other people can understand what he is saying.  For awhile there, I thought I was speaking a whole other language called, "Josiahese." 
*His sense of humor is hysterical!!  This child keeps us laughing.  The other day, we were dropping one of the youth off at his house.  His main language is Spanish, so when he speaks English he has an accent.  Well, Edgar was saying the word "water," but he was pronouncing it "WA-ter."  Well, Chris was giving Edgar a hard time and they were joking about it.   Then out of no where Josiah says, "Edgar, WA-ter!"  and starts laughing.  Now when ever he hears us say, "Edgar," he says, "Edgar, WA-ter!" 
*Josiah has really gotten into drumming lately, too.  I've decided there is nothing that can't be turned into a drum and drumsticks.  He had a wonderful time at Pa T's house because Pa T took out his snare drum and drumsticks for Josiah to play.  All I can say is that child was in HEAVEN!!!  It was so cute because yesterday after we got home, I was putting the clothes away.  Josiah was in our room helping me.  He went over to my alarm clock and hit the sleep button.  He found a radio station that he liked and then went and found a pen and one of my make-up brushes.  He sat on the floor next to the radio and used his pen and brush to drum on the floor and the laundry basket.  The cutest thing is how he rocks his head back and forth like a drummer does.  I think there might be some drum classes in his future, but we shall see. 
*Josiah has been going through a little difficult time being left at any church nursery. It isn't a separation thing, but more of who is in the room.  There are a couple of kids that are in his room that are a little more aggressive than he is.  They have hit a couple of the other kids in the past, and I guess Josiah has their number.  If they aren't in the room, then he is absolutely fine, but as soon as they show up he looses it.  He just starts sobbing.  The families don't attend regularly and aren't on time, so it makes it a little hard knowing what is going to happen week to week.  It has gotten so bad that last week, I was bringing Josiah to the nursery and he was all excited about going.  As soon as I opened the door, and he saw this child he turned around and said, "I go to church, Momma."  It has been difficult for us because we don't like seeing him upset, but at the same time God has given him this sensitive spirit.  So the new plan is for me to stay with him during SS when these children are here to reassure him that it is OK and hopefully in time, he will be fine being in there


Now on to our little girl.

*Sophie is now doing the "boot scootin'" crawl. She sits up on her bottom and gets where she needs to go.  We try to show her how to get on her hands and knees, but she wants nothing to do with it.  So we just let her crawl how she wants to, and she does just fine. 
*She is so into food!!  She is still eating her baby food--Stage 3, by the way---but we do give her some table food to eat.  She is now eating bread, chicken, ham, pancakes, waffles, rice, mashed potatoes, green beans and pound cake.  We joke because with Josiah we always say, "You need to eat 5 more bites if you want dessert."  With Sophie we have a feeling we will be saying, "You can have 5 more bites and then you can't have anymore."  She goes next week for her 9 month check-up so it will be interesting to see how much she weighs.  She isn't overweight be any means, so that is good. I think she burns off all that she eats by how much she moves around. 
*She is starting to say more and more.  The other day, she started saying, "Hi, Dad!" when Chris walks into the room.  It wasn't a one time thing either.  She has started saying, "Momma" when she sees me, too. 
*She has the sweetest laugh ever.  Josiah is really the only one who can make her do that deep belly laugh.  It gets us all chuckling when the two of them are playing and laughing together.  They really are so sweet with each other. 
*She is going to give her brother a run for his money though.  The other day, he was trying to put his train tracks together and she scooted over to where he was and started taking the tracks apart.  As she was doing this, she was just giggling away.  Josiah was really sweet and never got mad at her. 
*She continues to love her bath time.  She is getting to be a big girl.  She sits up now for bath time and wants to be like Josiah so much.  She even tries to put her face in the water like he does. 
*She has finally cut her two upper teeth.  I knew they were trying to come through, but didn't realize it until she was grinding them together the other morning.  Let me tell you that it is the most skin tingling noise I have ever heard!!!!
*She is into copying some things that we do--mostly noises, but every once in awhile she will copy our actions.

Well, I guess that is all for now.  We are staying pretty busy.  Youth group is in full swing.  I am teaching ESOL plus discipling 3 ladies and serving at a nursery on Tuesday mornings so Josiah can have some interaction with kids his age.  I will try to find some time to download the pictures from our trip, but it will probably be in the middle of the week

Friday, September 17, 2010

First Family Vacay

Well, we just got back from our first family vacation to Lancaster, PA.  We have been on many trips, but it has either been with other family members or we have gone to see family members. 

We had a great time in Lancaster.  We headed out Tuesday afternoon after we got done eating lunch.  It was about a 2 1/2 hour drive.  It was such a relaxing trip as we got out of the city and were surrounded by hills and trees instead of cars, buildings and cement.  We arrived at our hotel around 4:00pm and got everyone settled.  Then we headed out for some dinner.  We ate at the Hershey Restaurant and Inn.  It had some AWESOME Amish food!!!  We decided not to order off the menu, but instead try the smorgasboard---or buffet.  I had a taste of their fried chicken and declared it the BEST fried chicken I have ever eaten!!!  Josiah was digging their yellow cake for dessert and couldn't get enough of it.  We headed back to the hotel and got the kids ready for bed, and we went to bed ourselves--at 7:30pm. We got up once during the night and the kids slept until almost 7:00am.  That is the most sleep Chris and I have gotten in a really long time.  After the kids got up, we got ready for the day and had some breakfast.  We headed out to the Strasburg Train Station where we rode Thomas and enjoyed some other activities.  Josiah was in absolute heaven.  I got a couple of tears in my eyes when he first spotted Thomas and was so excited to see him.  Sophie had a good time, too.  She just enjoyed hanging out in the sling next to Mommy.  The scenery on the train ride was absolutely gorgeous.  We saw hills, trees, cows and barns.  It was so funny because we did see a cellphone tower and it looked so out of place, but here in VA it is a normal everyday view.  After going to the train toy store and buy a  few things, we left to go get some lunch.  We ate at an authentic Amish restaurant.  The service was so nice.  There was a teenage Amish girl who was waiting on tables.  Chris made me chuckle because he said if I were Amish, I would be like that girl.  I asked him why, and he said because she was making Amish her own by wearing a hoodie. Smile  Again, the food was absolutely delicious.  I had chicken pot pie, but it wasn't at all like I thought it would be.  It reminded me more of chicken and dumplings.  Then I tried some shoo-fly pie which is a well known pie for the area.  It tasted just like a fig newton cookie--it was pretty good.  After lunch, we headed back to the hotel to take a nap.  Our kids slept for over 2 hours.  We took advantage of their nap time and slept with them.  After nap, Chris dropped me off at a boutique so I could purchase some things for my birthday.  I got some shirts and quite a bit of necklaces with matching earrings.  Chris was really surprised at how many jewelry sets I got.  I told him they are things that I would like to have, but wouldn't just go and spend money on them just because.  So I used the money he gave me for my birthday to buy them.  Sophie is definitely LOVING my new necklaces.  She sees them as her own personal teething ring.  That night, we ordered a pizza and watched some Veggie Tales on the computer while we ate dinner.  TV is not a big thing around our house, so this definitely was a treat for Josiah.  The kids went to bed early again, but this time Chris and I weren't tired, so we watched a little Cosby Show on the computer, then we texted each other while lying in bed since we didn't want to talk in the same room as the kids.  We got up the next morning and got ready and ate some breakfast.  Then we headed to the outlet malls.  I took advantage of a sale that Carter's was having and got the kids--OK, mostly Sophie some warmer clothes.  The outlet mall had some playgrounds around the parking lot for kids to play in, so Josiah and I played while Chris did some shopping.  After shopping, we started our drive back home.  It was nice to get back home, but Chris and I thoroughly enjoyed all the country side.  I didn't know how much I was missing the hills and greenery until we were surrounded by it. 

So overall, the first family vacay was a big hit.  We were able to spend some time as a family and relax.  I look forward to many more family vacays--Chris and I were even talking about driving to Alaska one day with the kids.  We shall see if we are crazy enough to do it

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

32 Years

Well, I celebrated my 32nd birthday on Sunday. The celebration started Saturday night around 9:30pm.  Three of the girls from the youth group came over to the house and brought some wonderfully nice cards and a diet coke--one of my favorite splurging drinks.  I have spent the last few months getting to know them, and they haven't spent a lot of time at our house.  I was really sad when school started because I knew they wouldn't be dropping by in the middle of the day. 

On Sunday,Josiah and Sophie gave me a wonderful present--they slept until almost 7:30am!!!   Josiah and Sophie gave me some sweet birthday cards that they picked out--OK, Josiah picked out Sophie's card, too.  Chris gave me a very nice card, too.  We got up and started getting ready for church.  We didn't have Sunday school, so it was a relaxing morning as we got ready.  We headed to McDonald's for breakfast, so I wouldn't have to make breakfast--it's the little things that I appreciate.  We went to church and enjoyed our time as a family.  We came home, fed the kids lunch and then rested for a little while.  The girls came over to drop off a cake that one of them made.  Josiah and I would eat it for breakfast a couple of days later.  It was one of those morning where I didn't want cereal, but didn't want to make some hot, so what else do you do?  Eat CAKE!!!   Josiah thought it was awesome, and I enjoyed not being the stuffy Mom. 

Sunday evening, some of our good friend here in NoVa, came over to watch the kids, so Chris and I could go out to dinner.  Chris took me to a Japanese restaurant so we could have Habachi.  It was DELICIOUS!!  We enjoyed having dinner and not having to feed or cut up another person's meal.      We stopped at the grocery store on the way home and picked up a cake.  Our friends, John and Jen, stayed and had some cake with us.  

On Tuesday, some of the ladies from our Home Fellowship Group, took me out to dinner for my birthday and then we went and some Blizzards from DQ.  It was great to be able to go out with the ladies for a couple of hours.  I totally enjoyed carrying a purse instead of a diaper bag and not having some kind of stain on me!! 

I got quite a bit of gift cards and birthday money, so I will be going on a mini shopping spree to find some new clothes.  It's been a couple of years since I got some new clothes--not including maternity clothes.  I look forward to going and get some new things--it's so easy to not spend as much time getting ready, so maybe this will inspire me. 

As you can see, I had a great birthday.  I look forward to seeing how God is going to grow me this coming year

First Day of School

Today we had our first day of school.  I took plenty of pictures to show what we did.  Josiah had A LOT of fun.  I don't know, but I still continue to be amazed by his memory. 

After Chris gets home from each day, he spends a few minutes letting Josiah show him what we did for school that day.  I'm keeping all of our activities in binders to help in this process.  Josiah was showing Chris our weather calendar with the sunshine on it. Then out of no where he says, "Wednesday, Daddy."  We talked just a few moments about today being Wednesday early in the day, so I was totally surprised that he remembered it.  Then we did a Bible lesson on Doubting Thomas.  We then did a craft with hands that had red "nail holes" in them.  When Josiah was showing Chris his craft, he said, "Nails.  Jesus' hands."  Again, this was first thing in the morning and he remembered what we talked about.  He was also able to point out the capital A and the little a when we asked him to. He also, told Chris the sound that Aa makes and that apple begins with Aa.

So we had a great first day.  Josiah had lots of fun doing our activities and Sophie enjoyed supervising his work.  I think our schedule is going to work--we got school work done and Mommy was even able to get some cleaning done and made dinner.  I was a little worried that I wouldn't be able to keep up with the daily chores, but everything worked out just fine. 

Friday, August 27, 2010

32 Weeks Already?

Sophie has officially been a part of our family for 32 weeks--well, outside of the womb that is.  WOW!!!  Where has the time gone?  There are times when I don't even remember her not being a part of our family. 

She continues to grow more and more each day.  Sophie pretty much sits up by herself now, but we do keep pillows around her--just in case.  She stills gets pretty excited and will flail her arms or legs which usually ends up with her hitting the ground.  We have started putting her up on her hands and knees.  She does a good job balancing on all fours and will even rock back and forth from time to time.  She can go from a sitting position to a standing position when she is holding our hands.  I'm really wanting her to crawl because there is some research out which says how important crawling is to reading.  I don't know though--this girl really wants to move!!!!   She has figured out how to pick up cheerios and put them in her mouth.  She was so cute as she was learning how to do this.  She could pick up the cheerios and get it to her mouth, but she didn't know how to let them go.  She has mastered drinking out of a straw sippy cup and when she wants her cup, you better watch out!!!!  We introduced turkey to her this week, and she did really well with that.  There isn't really anything that she doesn't like to eat.  She will be playing nicely, but as soon as she sees her food, we can't get her to her chair fast enough.  She will get to fussin' (it's not crying, it's a lot of yellin') and then part way through her meal she turns into the sweet Sophie--we think the food must of hit her stomach.  So as you can see, Sophie keeps us on our toes, but we are sooooo thankful that she is a part of our family. 

Josiah continues to amaze us each day.  He is such a little sponge.  I have started doing school work with him a couple of days out of the week.  Often times, he asks me if we can do school work.  Right now, I'm just doing a workbook with him, but I decided that in September we will have a little more structure with our school.  I don't want him to associate school with doing a workbook, so we will be doing some more hands on activities.  We will have school on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays--if he wants to--later on it won't be an option, but he is just two, so I'm not going to stress about getting each lesson done.  During our school time, we will have a calendar time where we will say the date and track the weather for the month. I will also be doing a Bible time with both of the kids.  When Sophie goes down for her morning nap, we will have a Language Arts time when we will learn a letter of the alphabet and do an activity.  In the afternoon, we will have a math lesson, read a story and do a craft.  Our themes for the month are apples and farm animals.  I plan on taking the kids on a couple of field trips---one to an apple orchard and the other to a farm.  So we shall see how this goes.  I'm way excited to have this time with him and look forward to teaching him many new things. 

In the middle of September, the  Greenwood Family will be going on our first family vacation.  Yes, we have been on trips to visit family in the past, but on this trip we will be staying in a hotel and it will just be the four of us.  We will be heading to PA to go ride Thomas the Tank Engine.  Thomas is a life size train that pulls passenger cars.  We have made a chain to count down the days until our Thomas Trip.  Josiah is way excited and looks forward to tearing a link off each day.  We will also be going to a children's museum, so we're pretty excited about that---OK, maybe I'm pretty excited about it!!  I have fond memories of a children's museum that I used to go to when we lived in NH, and I want Josiah to have some of those same memories. 

Well, that is all for now.  I do go back to the doctor on Monday, so we shall see what he says about the ol' foot.  I've tried walking on it without my boot---well, let's just say it hurts.  I can put weight on it, but the motion of walking just doesn't feel right.  I'll put a post up if there is anything new.  Keep us in your prayers, and we will update soon

Monday, August 16, 2010

Back in the Boot

Today, I went back to the orthopedic doctor.  I did get my cast off---WOOO HOOO!!!  My foot is still swollen and bruised.  For the most part, the pain is tolerable.  Usually, night time is when it is sore--I think from being up most of the day.  The doctor wants me to go ahead and wear the boot for 2 weeks and do some exercises to see if those will help my foot. He also wants me to elevate it more during the day to see if that will help with the swelling.   So I go back in 2 weeks to see how I am doing.  I have no idea what will happen next if my foot is not feeling better. 

The first thing I did when I got home for the doctor was take a shower and shave my leg---it was so WONDERFUL!!!!   I told Chris that taking a shower for the first time after a month was close behind getting married and having our children.  I'm one of those who really likes to feel clean and will take two showers a day if needed.  My leg and foot are pretty itchy, which is really weird since they didn't itch when in the cast.

Chris and I have been staying pretty busy.  Our pastor is on vacation, so Chris preached on Sunday and will preach again this Sunday.  We have had quite a few youth over the last couple of days.  One night they stayed over until after 1am.  Chris and I were dragging the next day, but really enjoyed our time.  They came over again last night.  They ate dinner with us and then played the Wii.  We did shut down the basement a little earlier.    Chris and I are really enjoying our time with them.  Our whole vision when we rented this place was to have the basement as a youth hang out place.  It has taken a few months, but it is so great to see that they are feeling comfortable to stop by the house whenever. 

Not much else is going on, so I guess I will go.  God continues to be good to our family.  Please pray that over the next 2 weeks my foot will feel A LOT better, so we can be done with doctor visits

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hobbling Around

Well, I'm FINALLY crutch free!!!!  I have been walking without my crutches since Tuesday, and I'm getting better and better at getting around.  I've started going up and down the stairs with Sophie--at a pretty slow pace!  It is so nice to have some freedom back.  We have throughly APPRECIATED ALL the help from our church, but it is always nice to get back to a routine.  I know people say that kids LOVE routines, but I know this Mommy LOVES her routines!!!   I go back a week from Monday to get my cast off.   I have no idea what will happen after that.  I'm guessing I will need to wear the boot for a little while, but we shall wait and see. 

I will spend a few minutes updating what the kids are doing.  I will start with Josiah---

*He is pretty much getting this potty training thing down.  He has pretty much gone the whole week with just a couple of accidents.  We start off wearing his Buzz Light Year "underwear" (Pull-ups).  He wears them all day unless he has an accident and then it is into a diaper.  We do put him in a diaper for nap and bed time though.  It is AMAZING how quickly he picked this up on his own.  Before I hurt my foot, we had started, but then I decided it was too crazy trying to potty train while on crutches.  Well, he was so into it that I didn't have much choice.  I'm glad that we went ahead and followed his lead because it has been a pretty painless experience. 

*Well, our 2 year old has out smarted us yet again!!  We have been using TV as a reward for potty training.  We started out with 10 minutes for each time he used the potty.  Well, after 2 days of rewarding him, he figured out that if he went pee pee, then he got TV.  So he would go pee pee just a little and then we would let him watch TV.  His time would be up, so then he would go pee pee again.  We would let him watch TV and then he was right back on the potty!!!   After a day of doing that, we decided we needed to rework the rewards system.  So now, he gets 5 minutes for each time, but has to go potty twice before he can sit down to watch Thomas (the Tank) or Bob (the Builder). 

*We have started doing "school" work.  I've picked up a few workbooks at Target for Pre-K/Kindergarten.  We have been working on same/different, numbers and the sounds the letters make.  We continue to review all the things that he already knows, but know that he needs to be challenged.  He often asks to do school.  If he gets to the point that he doesn't want to sit down, then we just pick up the materials and move on to something else. 

Now it is Sophie's turn---

*After a few days of fussing each time we sat down to feed her, she is now quite pleasant to be around at the dinner table.  Chris has said a few times, that we needed to go ahead and get some earplugs for meal time because she would get to fussing (it wasn't crying--just her way of telling us she was NOT happy!!!) so loudly that we could hardly hear each other talking.  We had to start "disciplining" her by turning her chair to face the corner.  It was amazing how she would quiet down.  At first it took awhile, but she eventually learned that her fussing wasn't going to be allowed at the dinner table. 

*She LOVES her sippy cup!!  One day, she was so interested in Josiah's cup (a straw sippy cup), so I went ahead and gave it to her.  Well, the next thing I knew she was drinking the water in it!!!  If you try to take her cup away, and she's not done---well, you better be ready to hear some fussing!!! 

*Sophie went swimming for the first time in a pool yesterday.  She absolutely LOVED it!!!  I think she could have stayed longer if we didn't need to get her and Josiah home for bed. 

*She has started sucking her thumb to put herself to sleep.  I haven't been putting her to bed at night since I hurt my foot, so I had no idea.  The other day when I went to put her down, I was in complete shock. Chris had informed me that she had been doing that for awhile now.  I wanted to give her a paci to suck on,  but Chris didn't think that was such a great idea.  I figure you can take the paci away, but can't take a thumb away!!   So we have decided to let her suck her thumb. 

*Sophie is really mastering the rolling thing.  She has started sleeping on her belly.  We try to get her on her back, since that is how she is suppose to sleep, but she just gets back on her stomach

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Casting Call

Well, I have a free moment to update what is going on with the ol' foot.  We went to the orthopedic doctor yesterday and found out that my foot is NOT broken!!!!!!  I have a badly bruised bone and where two of my bones meet they separate a little bit when I put weight on my foot.  The doctor decided that it would be best to put a cast on my foot for four weeks, so I don't do any damage.  He did say that a bruised bone can be a lot more painful than an actual break--I can't attest to that because I've never had a broken bone, but I do know that I've been in A LOT of pain!!  So now I'm sporting a bright orange cast with a "T" and "Vols" on it.  Gee, I wonder who did that!?!   I do have a "shoe" that I can attach to the cast, so I'm hoping in a few days I will be able to put that on and not have to use my crutches any more!!!  The doctor said I'll have to be the one who determines whether I can do it or not.  All, I know is that since I've had the cast on, I'm not in constant pain, so I think we are on the right track. 

This weekend, we have family coming into town for Sophie's baptism.  Josiah is excited to see Bup-Bup, Mimi and Granny Whoosh.  It'll be nice to let the church people have a break from meals and helping out with the kids.  There is no way that we would be able to survive without their help.  We have continually been praising God for all the help.  Please continue to pray that I'll be walking soon than later without crutches!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Boot int he Summer?

I thought I would take a moment to update everyone on what is going on with my foot.  Last Wednesday, I started having quite a bit of pain in my foot.  Every time I stood up with my crutches, it felt like someone was pressing down on my bone.  It felt like my bone was going to snap at any moment.  It continued through Thursday morning and afternoon.  After I couldn't stand it anymore, I called Chris at work to find an orthopedic doctor that would be covered by our insurance.  He found a doctor and got me an appointment for the next morning.  We got up Friday and headed to the orthopedic doctor.  They looked at the x-rays from the hospital, but wanted to have them taken again.  Their x-rays had a little more detail than the hospital ones.  They saw a line, but nothing that clearly would make them say that I had a fracture or a broken bone.  They also noticed that the spacing between two of my bones seemed wider than what they normally see.  So now, they want me to get an MRI to see if what they are seeing on the x-rays is how my foot is or if it is from the injury.  Before I left, they gave me one of those HUGE boots!!  Normally, the boot will allow the injured person to walk without crutches.  Well, I guess I'm not normal because I still need my crutches to walk!!!   The doctor did say that she would have been surprised if I could walk without the crutches.    So I'm still icing my foot and keeping it elevated.  We have an MRI for Friday and then we will head back to the orthopedic doctor next week. 

God continues to be so good to The Greenwoods.  We have an AMAZING church family!! A few weeks ago I was telling my discipler that I didn't feel like I knew very many of the ladies in our church.  Well, the ladies in the church have been coming to the house either in the morning or the afternoon to help with Josiah and Sophie.  I guess I need to be careful what I ask for--I think a tea would have accomplished the same thing!!   It has been hard for me receiving all this help because I'm normally the one helping others, but God has been working on me and there is no other place that I'd rather be.  The ladies have also been making some delicious meals for us.  Let's just say if I had to make meals while hopping around on one foot, I'd be back in the emergency room!!   One family even hard our house cleaned for us--that was a HUGE blessing, since I wasn't able to clean it after all our family went home. 

I will admit that I've had a few rough moments here and there.  There are moments when I would like to just be done with this.  It's hard to have Josiah ask me to carry him and not be able to do it.  It's hard to finish feeding Sophie and night and not be able to place her in her crib.  I remind myself during these times that Christ never said our life would be easy.  Instead, I'm trying to see what He wants me to learn.

Please continue to be in prayer for us.  Chris is having to do A LOT around the house plus continue with all his responsibilities at the church.  I know that he is exhausted, but he has a great attitude and continues to serve his family.  I'll keep you updated as we find new things out.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

First Pony Ride

Well, I have quite a bit to write about today...

Last week, Chris was on a mission trip.  His mom came up for Josiah's birthday party and stayed a few extras days to help me with the kids.  She left Wednesday morning, and my mom and niece arrived Wednesday night.  We got up Thursday morning and headed to Dunkin' Donuts for breakfast.  My plan was to stay close to home on Thursday because Josiah has been very interested in going potty on the toilet.  I probably should have stuck to my original plan, but the weather was so beautiful that I couldn't resist being outside.  It was the first time in days that it wasn't in the 90's and you didn't sweat as soon as you opened the door.  We decided to go to a local animal park for a little bit.  We got there and fed some of the animals and even petted a few.  They had a pony ride that was part of the entry fee.  We headed over to the pony ride next.  There were a few kids in line waiting for their turn.  I asked Josiah if he wanted to ride the pony and to my surprise he said he wanted to.  I thought as we waited in line that he would change his mind.  He is a little timid when it comes to new things.  Well, it was his turn to go, and he still wanted to ride.  I got on the other side of the horse to spot Josiah.  The handler started leading the horse and when she did Josiah started to wobble.  The horse started coming towards me and when she did it made Josiah lean to one side.  The handler was trying to correct Josiah and when she did, it made the horse come towards me even more.  I wasn't quick enough and the horse stepped right on top of my foot---did I mention that I was wearing flip-flops?  It hurt like crazy, but I didn't want to make a big deal about it because I didn't want Josiah to be afraid of the horse.  So I walked around the ring two times so Josiah could have his pony ride--by the way he LOVED it!!!  By the time we got done with the pony ride, my foot was the size of a tennis ball and some wonderful shades of blue and purple!!!   I called Chris on his cell phone and told  him I was heading to the emergency room.  I quickly explained what had happened and hung up because I was trying to feed Sophie while my mom was packing up the car, getting ice and filling out an accident report.  I called Mimi and Bob-Bob (they are our VA grandparents who watch Josiah and Sophie once a week, so Chris and I can have a date day) to see if Mimi could come watch the kids.  She was a lot more rational than I was because she suggested that my mom watch the kids and she could take me to the ER.  Why didn't I think of that?  Maybe, it is because I just got done having a few hundred pound animal step on the top of my foot!    So, Patricia  met us at our house and brought me to the ER.  I walked in and was taken right back to a room.  I was so impressed at how quickly things were moving.  Patricia and I were commenting on how quickly we were moving, but I guess we spoke too soon because we ended up being there for about 3.5 hours.  The longest part of the wait was waiting for the radiologist to look at the x-rays.  They said that I didn't break anything, but I'm not too sure about that.  As much pain as I'm still in, makes me wonder a little bit.  I go back to my doctor on Tuesday, so we will see what they say.  I have my foot in a soft cast and have crutches to get around on.  It's not much fun, but Josiah had a blast riding his first pony.  I'm a bit sad because Chris and I were going away for the night for our anniversary, but we won't be able to now.  We are going to try to reschedule it for my birthday weekend in September.  I have no idea what Chris had planned, but he said that I probably wouldn't enjoy it very much.  We are going to try to go to dinner and see Toy Story 3, but we will have to wait and see how my foot is doing.  I went out baby shower shopping for a little bit this morning and my toes swelled up like crazy.  All I can say is that I'm paying for it now. 

Please be in prayer for us as we try to figure out what the next week or so is going to look like.  I can't do very much for Josiah and Sophie because I'm pretty much laid up on the couch.  Chris is the only pastor here, so he has a lot of responsibilities right now.  We know that God is good, and He will work everything out, but it is always nice to be covered in prayer

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Father's Day 2010

Well, I'm a little late on adding a Father's Day entry, but the motto around the Greenwood house is, "Better late than never!" 

We had a pretty relaxing Father's Day.  We got up and went to church as a family.  Usually, Chris sings with the worship team, so he heads to church before the rest of us do.  It was nice to be able to ride together as a family and say our prayer to encounter God during worship together.  After worship, we took Chris to one of his favorite restaurants called "Foster's Grille."  They have some AWESOME burgers--even turkey for me--and grunge fries!  We came home and all took a nap--except for Chris.  He was helping some of our friends move into their new townhouse.  He came home shortly after the kids got up from their nap.  We spent the afternoon outside in the back yard.  Josiah and Chris put together Josiah's playhouse from Granny and Papa Gig, while Sophie and I swung and sat in the baby pool.  We didn't do anything fancy for dinner because we stayed pretty busy outside.  Chris did get two special meals on Monday.  For lunch, I picked up some wild salmon, corn on the cob and made some rice.  Then for dinner, I made his favorite chicken pot pie recipe and picked up some of his favorite bread from Wegman's.  I also made a strawberry pie for dessert.  Let's just say that boy ate well that day!!!    Monday was a nice family day since the rest of the week has been very busy!!  On Tuesday, Chris had to go to the court house for jury duty, but he never got picked.  That night we had one of the youth over for dinner, then had a Wipeout Party (this is one of Chris' favorite TV shows!) with 11 from the youth group.  On Wednesday, I spent most of the morning running errands for Josiah's birthday party.  This morning, I ran some more errands, had a lunch date with Chris, cleaned the house before sending Chris off to youth group.  I'm hoping to stay around the house tomorrow morning and have Josiah help me make cupcakes for his birthday party.  The only outing we will have is to go to the church to decorate for his party.  Chris' mom comes in LATE on Friday night.  We have Josiah's party Saturday morning, then lunch with our Home Fellowship Group, then we will have all the grandparents over for dinner on Saturday night.  Sunday is another busy day--Chris preaches and then leaves for his mission trip.  Chris' mom will be staying until Wednesday morning to help out with the kids and then my mom and niece will arrive on Thursday to stay the remainder of the time.  Chris gets back on Friday from his mission trip.  On Sunday, Chris and I will go away for the night for our 8th anniversary.  I have NO IDEA where we are going, but I am definitely looking forward to spending the evening with my hubby!  Well, I guess I will sign-off for now. I'm sure I'll be writing another entry for Josiah's 2nd Birthday, but that will have to be another day

Friday, June 18, 2010

So good to be back home

Well, Sophie did an AWESOME job flying!!!! I timed it just right so she would need to eat when we were taking off, so I think that helped her ears.  She did get a little fussy, but it was because she was tired.  She fell asleep while she was eating and slept the rest of the flight.  Josiah LOVED flying!!!!  He wanted to sit in Mimi's lap next to the window so he could see all that was going on.  He continues to be an AWESOME flyer.  I'm so sad that in ten days he will no longer be a free flyer.  So who knows how much flying we will really do. 

The kids did a great job with sleeping in a new place.  The first night I slept with Josiah in his bed--maybe "slept" is a loose interpretation!    After the first night he slept all by himself like a big boy.  Sophie did a great job sleeping all by herself.  They also did a great job being introduced to so many people that they have never seen before or don't remember seeing.  Saturday night I had a wedding to go to and both the kids stayed with my cousin, her son and my aunt.  They did a fabulous job!!  

The only time they had a melt down was the night before we left.  Josiah had been up since 4:30am with only an hour nap.  We made it to NH way past his dinner time.  It was a good think the restaurant we picked was right next to our hotel.  I left my parents and my aunt and uncle to catch up, and the kids and I headed back to the hotel room for baths and a quick dinner. 

Even though I had fun visiting with family, it is always nice to be back home and sleeping in our own beds and having our routine.  It took a few days to adjust to having some structure again, but we are back in the swing of things.  Please look at our photo album to see some pictures from our trip

Thursday, June 10, 2010

First Flight

Well, tomorrow Sophie will be taking her first plane ride.  My parents have flown to VA today, and we will all be heading to VT for a long weekend because one of my cousins is getting married.  We are doing a direct flight just in case Sophie isn't overly thrilled with flying.  Josiah was a super first flyer, but I'm beginning to learn that I can't compare the two because they are NOTHING alike!!  Smile  This will be the first time that Josiah will remember flying, so it will be interesting to see his reaction.  We've been talking about it all week, so hopefully he will continue to be an excellent flyer!! 

While we are in VT, Sophie will be able to meet her great-grandmother that she is named after, so I look forward to the photo-op we will have.  Please come back at the end of next week to see pictures of our trip. 

Chris will be staying in VA and batching it for four days.  He's already made a list of movies he wants to watch and places he wants to eat.  The funny thing is...I gave him a honey-do list for when we are gone!!   He has actually started on a few of the things--he must really want to watch some movies!! Laughing

Well, I should get going.  Say some prayers for us--they are ALWAYS appreciated!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sophie Update

Well, we took Sophie to the cardiologist today, and she did AWESOME being attached to the ultrasound and EKG machines.  The cardiologist said that she does have a heart murmur and innocent like the pediatrician thought.  There are NO restrictions for Sophie, so we are PRAISING the LORD for that!!!!  The cardiologist feels like she will outgrow the heart murmur, but there is no way of knowing for sure.  We are so thankful that she is fine and praising God for being so good to our family.  I want to say a BIG thank you for all the prayers that were said on our behalf.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

In His Hands

Well, the last few days have been rather interesting at the Greenwoods.  On Monday, I took Sophie to her 4 month check-up.  Things were going great as they were weighing her and measuring her.  Then the doctor asked me, "Has anyone ever mentioned Sophie having a heart murmur?"  At that point, my heart dropped.  I told her, "No."  She then proceeded to tell me that she felt like it was an innocent heart murmur and nothing serious, but wanted to refer us to a cardiologist to just make sure.  I called Chris to tell him that we were leaving the doctor's office.  He wanted to know how things went, so I told him and he was a little taken aback by the news.  I told him this is exactly why I NEVER wanted to go to a doctor appointment by myself!  When I got home, Chris went ahead and made an appointment for Tuesday, June 1st with the cardiologist.  I got on the computer and emailed all my prayer warriors to start praying for little Sophie.  So we will post after her doctor appointment and let everyone know how she is doing.  I found myself, on Monday, holding her a little bit longer, giving her more hugs and kisses.  Chris and I are praying that everything is going to be fine when we take her to the cardiologist because we serve a God who is the Great Physician.  If it's not His will to have her completely healed, then we will walk through this journey in His Hands.  Either way, we are at peace and know that God is control of this whole situation and He is the One that gave us Sophie knowing we are the best parents for her. 

Please be in prayer for us as we go to the cardiologist--to give him the wisdom to check Sophie thoroughly

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

On the Road Again and Again and Again

Well, we have made it safely back to Northern Virginia after driving to South Georgia.  It took us almost 17 hours to get there and almost 16 hours to get back.  We did break up the drive both ways.  On the way down we spent the night at Lin-Lin and Pa T's house in North Carolina.  On the way home we stopped back in North Carolina, but we spent two nights at Pa T and Lin-Lin's house. 
Even though our trip was very long, we are so PROUD of Josiah and Sophie on how well they traveled.  The only time we heard crying was when Sophie was ready to eat.  About a week and half before our trip, Sophie was still crying when we put her in the car seat, so we were a little hesitant on how the trip was going to be.  Honestly, I was dreading getting in the car with her, but she proved us all wrong by being a super-wonderful traveler!  We had to stop every 2.5 to 3 hours to feed her, but that gave Josiah the opportunity to run around. 

We got into Valdosta on Monday around dinner time.  Sophie got to meet her Bup-Bup and Uncle Toady for the first time.  After eating dinner and playing a little bit, we got the kids ready for bed.  Sophie did a great job going to bed, but Josiah wasn't too sure about his big boy bed at Mimi and Bup-Bup's house.  Chris ended up sleeping in the room with Josiah for the first night. 

Tuesday morning we got up and started our visiting.  We went to see Mama Ann, Mimi and Granny at work.  We went to see our friends, the Harps, and had lunch with them.  CJ and Emily have a little girl, Naomi, that was born five days before Sophie.  After lunch, we brought the kids home for a nap.  Mimi and Auntie Shue watched Sophie and Josiah, while Chris and I went on a date.  We went walking around Wal-mart--I know we are pathetic!  Then we went and got me some new clothes for my Mother's Day.  After our little bit of shopping, we went to get a massage.  WOW is all I can say!  We were both so relaxed after our massages that we were pretty much useless!  While we were having our date, Josiah went with Auntie Shue to pick up Tayler from school--he had fun hanging out with his Auntie.  Sophie was spoiled by her Mimi by being held most of the time.  We were pretty much on our schedule that night.  Josiah slept in his big boy bed all by himself, and we were so proud of him! 

On Wednesday, we went to see Auntie Shue at her house.  Josiah rode the tractor with Auntie Shue, looked at the goldfish int he pond, went swinging and sliding on the playground and fed the horses some treats.  After spending the morning at Auntie Shue's, we went to Tayler's school to have lunch with her.   That night we went over to Papa Gig and Granny's house for dinner.  Sophie met her Papa Gig and Auntie Kate for the first time.  Josiah had a blast chasing the kitties around.  Blue was really good with Josiah and tolerated Josiah chasing him around and giving him kitty kisses.  We had to leave kind of abruptly because Sophie was ready to go home and go to bed. 

On Thursday, we spent the morning at Papa Gig and Granny's house.  We had breakfast over there, then Josiah went golfing and bowling with them.  Chris and I headed to the mall to get him some work shirts that were on sale for an early Father's Day present.  After going to the mall, we met up with Katherine and had lunch with her and her boyfriend.  We went back home, so the kids could take a nap, then we headed over to Fitzgerald so we could have our eyes checked.  We got home and then headed over to visit with our friends, the Halters.  After a brief visit, we went to listen to Tayler practice for her singing recital.  She has such an AMAZING voice. Josiah enjoyed listening to his cousin sing.  We left before the concert started, so we could get the kids home for bed.

On Friday, I went and did some more shopping.  I got some material for my mom to make me a diaper bag.  We pretty much spent the day at my parent's house just relaxing.  We did go and see Granny since we would be leaving so early in the morning.  Tayler came over after school, and we went swimming.  We all had dinner together and just enjoyed each others company. 

Saturday morning, we got up and were on the road a little after 7am.  We drove all the way to Goldsboro, NC.  The kids did an AMAZING job, again!  Josiah was a big boy and slept in a bed all by himself--on the way down, Chris ended up sleeping with him because he was scared.  We spent all day Sunday with Pa T and Lin-Lin, which meant we were able to spend Mother's Day with Lin-Lin We got up and went to church. After church, we had brunch at the country club with Lin-Lin, Pa T and the Keims.  The kids came back home and took a nap--Daddy got up with the kids, so I could take a nice long nap--a WONDERFUL Mother's Day present!  Sophie got up before Josiah, so Chris took her to Target to buy some diapers and pick up a few more Mother's Day presents. After nap time, we all hung out--Josiah was trying to get everyone to turn the fans on and off! After hearing, "Fan on" and "Fan off" all week, it makes me thankful that we don't have any fans out our house!   Laughing

We got up Monday morning and headed home.  The kids continued doing a great job traveling.  We got home at a decent time, so our bed time routine wasn't effected.  I spent some time with them outside while Chris unpacked the van.  We pretty much had everything back in it's place last night before the kids went to bed.  On the other hand, we have TONS of laundry to do! 

As you can see, we had a busy week.  We are so glad that we spent the week traveling to see our family.  Josiah is at the age where he remembers what he has done and who he has seen.  It is a privilege to watch him grow and make memories, and I look forward to the day that Sophie can remember what she has done and whom she has seen. 

I know I've said this many times before, but I feel truly blessed to have a wonderful husband.  Even though we weren't home for Mother's Day, he still made me feel special.  The little things of telling me how beautiful I am and how blessed he is to have me as his wife and the mother of his children mean so much to much.  The surprises of taking me clothes shopping, since the last time I went shopping was for maternity clothes when I was pregnant with Josiah, lets me know that he understands wanting to look nice for him and feel confident in how I look.  (Wearing clothes that are still too small or too big because they are maternity clothes isn't much of a self-esteem booster!) On the way home it hit me that last year on Mother's Day, I was celebrating being a mother of Josiah--little did I know that Sophie was in the oven cooking!  In a year, we have added to our family and now I'm celebrating being a mother of two.  It is amazing all that can happen in a year!  I am so happy being a stay at home wife and mother, and I'm so thankful that I'm able to do this every day.  I hope all my mommy friends had a wonderful Mother's Day like I did

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Fight with the Window Sill

Well, we had our first big accident yesterday.  I was packing for our trip to GA on Sunday.  I had finished packing all of Sophie's clothes and went to Josiah's room to work on getting his stuff together.  He followed me into his room like a good little baby duck.  I went to open up the curtains, and he followed me over to the window.  He tripped over his own foot and fell forward and hit his face on the bench window sill.  He scrapped his nose and bumped the bone under his left eye pretty good along with scratching his eyelid.  As soon as I picked him up, his eye was bruised and swollen--it was that fast!  I called Chris at work, and we decided it would be best to call the doctor and see what she wanted to do.  They decided that it would be best to have him checked out.  So I pack the kids up and Chris makes his way home.  We arrive at the doctor's office, and she feels like we need to go ahead and get some x-rays.  The reason she decided to do this was because of how quickly he bruised up.  She said his injury looked like it should a day or two after the accident and here it was only a couple of hours.  She wanted to make sure that he didn't fracture anything.  After she got done checking him out--he was running a little bit of a fever and had a runny nose--we head over to the radiology office.  Chris said that Josiah did an EXCELLENT job when it came time to have his x-ray done.  The tech there said that everything looked great and there weren't any fractures--PRAISE THE LORD!!  Needless to say, I felt horrible about the whole thing--I guess it is because it happened on my watch and it was the first accident we have had with him.  Chris had to keep reassuring me that I am a good mom and that it was an accident.  I was so upset by the whole situation, I threw my cellphone away! Smile  By last night, I was feeling better.  I guess we should be very thankful that Josiah made it 22 months without having anything major happen to him!

On a brighter note, Sophie is doing a tremendous job with sleeping!  She had quite a few nights in a row where she slept 9 hours!!!!  She is no longer screaming when she is in her car seat and tired---that's a good thing since we have a LONG road trip to GA coming up in a few days!Laughing  Now, when she is in her car seat, she fusses a little bit and then goes right to sleep.  Chris and I have asked, "Whose child is this?"  Seriously, we are very thankful for this maturing because the drive to GA could have been extremely long if we had to listen to her scream the entire way! 

Well, I should get going--Josiah has gotten up from his nap.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

All By Myself

Well, Mommy and kids are surviving our first over night by ourselves.  Chris took some youth to Lynchburg, VA to another EPC church, and we stayed home.  Both Josiah and Sophie have been wonderfully behaved---a lot of prayers must have gone up on our behalf! Smile  Right now, I'm listening to Josiah over the monitor--he should be napping--yelling, "BUBBLES! BUBBLES!"  I went in there to tell him that we couldn't do anything fun until he took his nap---his response---"BUBBLES!"  He is being absolutely cute, but I have to keep my tough mommy face on!  Sophie amazingly napped when she was supposed to, so that is good.  I think there is a conspiracy around here that Mommy is no longer going to have a nap in the afternoon!!!!

Last week, we had a fun family outing to the Frying Pan Park.  It's a local working farm, so we got to see lots of baby animals.  Josiah had fun making all the animal noises.  It was hard keeping him in his stroller.  Sophie did what she does best--took a nap.  It was a lot of fun and we are enjoying our "weekends"  which are now Mondays and Tuesdays. 

Well, it's time to share what is new with the kiddos.  I'll start with Josiah. 

*Josiah has started his 2nd swimming class.  He is still in the guppies group, but is doing a fantastic job!  He has no problem blowing bubbles, putting his face in the water, turning his head side to side so his ears are in the water (this is preparing him for the breathing motion), and floating on his back.  He LOVES to show us his skills in the bath tub at night.  He should be able to move on to the next level the next time around. 

*Josiah has been such a big boy eater lately.  He has been eating the same things Chris and I are eating.  The other night he had honey mustard chicken, mashed potatoes and peas.  The next night he had ham, rice and mixed veggies.  He has also been eating pears, peaches and pineapples along with fresh berries.  I think he has turned a corner when it comes to eating!!!!

*The other morning, I was getting our breakfast ready.  I told Josiah it was time to head over to the table.  He goes over to the table and pulls out my chair and says, "Sit, Momma, Sit!"  Chris has started pulling my chair out for me--well, most of the time!  So I guess Josiah thought it was his job to do it since Chris wasn't home.  It isn't anything that we expect him to do, but he is obviously watching us. 

*He did make Chris and I laugh--after the fact---the other night during his bath.  He was being a little difficult in the bath tub.  Chris told him if he didn't stop and start listening that he was going to get a spanking.  Josiah proceeded to turn his bottom towards Chris and spanked it a couple of times.  Where he got that from, I don't know!?!?  It was rather funny though, but we didn't laugh at him because if we did that would have been it for us! 

*Josiah has been enjoying "doing" the Wii with Mommy.  He definitely inspires me to work out.  He gets his own remote and will march in place next to me as I do the exercises.  When we head down to the basement, he wants to do the Wii, so like I said before he is inspiring me to loose these last few baby pounds. 

*Josiah used his potty for the first time this week!!!  Ok, so I did a little bribing to get him to do it, but I think he was having performance anxiety.  I gave him an extra juice box, a snack and sat him in front of the TV to watch Elmo.  Usually, he needs to have water after his nap and TV is a rarity for him.  Sure enough, he ended up going pee pee in the potty!!!! 

*He has started learning the different types of weather.  Each morning we come downstairs and open up the blind.  I say, "Good morning, God!  Thank you for the beautiful _________ (sunshine, rain, etc.)!  Now, he has started saying, "Sunshine, sunshine!"  on sunny days. 

*He has also started bowing his head when we pray.  When we sit down at the table he makes sure we say our blessing by saying, "Bes, Bes!"  No food is going in his mouth until he has said it.  It is so sweet to see him bow his head! 

*Now for our little girl.  She has been doing a much better job going to bed at night.  We have figured out that she needs a pre-bed time nap.  She gets up for a little bit, takes a bottle and then nurses before she goes down.  She is sleeping about 7 hours straight!  Naps on the other hand are an entirely different story, but we will eventually get there!

*She has started "holding" her bottle when we feed her.  There is a picture in the April album of her holding her bottle.   

*She  has started holding her toys, but now will shake her rattle. 

*The other day she was having some tummy time and was looking in her mirror.  I guess she liked what she saw because she kept smiling at herself. 

Not much else is going on here.  Chris will be out of town again next Friday and Saturday for presbytery, so I will be hanging out here with the kiddos.  Please say some prayers that we will have another great weekend!

PS--Josiah has finally gone to sleep--I guess he gave up on the "BUBBLES!"

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easter and More!

Well, the last few days have been rather busy.  We celebrated our first Easter as a family of four.  Last year, Chris and I were serving in the nursery at church during both services, so it was especially nice to be able to worship together.  Chris dad came to church with us on Easter, then we went out to lunch and visited for a bit.  It was nice to have family around.  I think that is the hardest thing for me about living away from family during holidays.  My mom, sister and niece arrived the Monday after Easter and stayed with us until Friday.  Again, it was nice to have family around for the week.  Chris and I were able to go out one night.  It was nice to spend some time together and reconnect as a couple. 

We started a new tradition this Easter.  We purchased Resurrection Eggs, which are eggs filled with symbols that tell the story of Jesus' resurrection.  It amazed us how quickly Josiah picked up on what was in each egg.  The blue egg had a donkey and when he saw the blue egg, he would say, "Donkey, donkey!"  The next egg had 3 coins in it for the 30 pieces of silver that Judas took to betray Jesus.  When he saw that egg, he would say, "Juas, Juas!"  The next egg had a cup in it to remind us of the Last Supper.  When he saw that egg, he would say, "Cup, Cup!" and then take the cup and drink out of it.  The next egg had praying hands in it to remind us of when Jesus went to pray in the Garden.  Josiah would try to hold his hands like the praying hands, but had a little bit of a hard time.  Next, was an egg with a whip in it for when Jesus was beaten.  Whenever he saw this egg, he would say, "NO, NO, NO!"  We don't know why exactly he would say that, but he must have understood when we explained that Jesus was beaten with the whip and it was very, very mean.  The next egg had a cross made out of nails to remind us of Jesus' death on the cross.  Whenever, Josiah saw this egg, he would say, "Cross, Cross!" The next egg had a crown of thorns.  When he saw this egg, he would tap his head with his hand.  When he got the crown of thorns, he would balance it on his head.  The next egg had a spear in it to remind us of when the solider stabbed Jesus to make sure he was dead.  When Josiah saw this egg, he would say, "Pear!"  The next egg had a die in it to remind us of when the soldiers cast lots of Jesus' clothing.  When he saw this egg, he would say, "Dice!"  He would have fun rolling the die across the dining room table.  The next egg had a piece of linen in it for when Jesus was wrapped in his burial clothing.  Josiah wasn't very excited about this object, but I think it is because it's a hard concept to understand and let's be honest a small piece of fabric doesn't do much!  The next egg had a rock in it to remind us of Jesus being laid in the tomb.  He had LOTS of fun with the rock and rolled it across the dining room table like the die.  He left a few scratches on it, but when Chris and I are in our 80's we will remember this special time with our kids sharing Jesus with them.  The last egg was empty to show us how Jesus was raised from the dead.  Again, this wasn't very exciting for Josiah, but as he gets a little older it will make sense to him.  We look forward to many more years of sharing Jesus with Josiah and Sophie and any other children God blesses us with. 

Josiah antics:

*The other morning, I was tickling Josiah.  He told me, "No!"  and then laughed.  I gave him another tickle, and he said, "No!"  I thought he was playing a game with me, so I tickled him again.  This time, he said, "No!" and signed "no" at the same time.  That is what I do when I mean business about him not touching something.  When he did that, I realized that he wasn't playing a game anymore!

*Chris' dad and stepmom came over for a visit, so we cooked a nice lunch with steak.  Josiah hasn't had steak yet, so we decided to put some on his plate to see if he would eat any.  To our surprise, he ate about 5 pieces!  He has also been eating fresh fruit in his yogurt.  I'm not having to puree it like I did before, which is a nice step to get rid of in the kitchen!  We were so proud of our big boy eater!

*He has also started drinking out of a big boy cup.  He started off doing really well, but has started taking a mouth full of water and then spits it out all over his shirt and then laughs.  Needless to say, we make it a special treat to use his big boy cup. 

*Josiah went to the National Zoo for the first time while my family was here.  Actually, this is his first zoo ever.  He liked the lions and tigers and the reptile house.  I wasn't overly excited that he liked the reptile house because I have a feeling he might bring some "presents" when he is older! Surprised

*Before we went to the zoo, we were telling my family what they had there.  We started by saying, "They have lions and tigers..." and then someone finished, "and bears! Oh my!"  When they said, "Oh my!" they put their hands on their cheeks.  Well, that is all she wrote because whenever we said, "Oh my," Josiah puts his hands on his cheeks! 

*One day, Josiah had enough of his Mimi holding Sophie.  He led my mom to the couch and told her, "Down."  So my mom sat down on the couch.  He told her, "No, down."  She told him that she was sitting down.  Then he pointed to the couch again, and said, "Baby, down."  My mom told him that she was holding Sophie for just a few minutes.  He kept pointing to the couch and saying, "Baby, down."  When my mom wouldn't put Sophie down, he came over to me and looked at Mimi and said, "Baby, Momma."  I think he got his point across that he would ready to have some time with Mimi! 

Sophie antics:

*Sophie met three new family members in less than a week.  She met her Papa T, my sister and my niece.  For some reason, whenever my sister would hold Sophie, she would start crying.  It wouldn't matter if she had just finished eating or just got up from a nap.  She could be sitting there smiling and cooing, but as soon as my sister picked her up, she would start screaming.  My sister had a good spirit about it and by the end of the week, Sophie liked being held by her aunty.  She even let her Aunty Sue give her a bottle or two. 

*Sophie also went to the zoo for the first time.  She spent most of her time sleeping in her carseat or eating.  I can tell I feel so much more comfortable being a mom because I was nursing Sophie as we walked around the zoo.  With Josiah, I would have found a bench and been there for 30 minutes. 

*She has started grabbing for her toys that hand down on her exercise mat.  She smiles when she hits them and they make noise in return. 

*She also took a bath with Josiah for the first time.  I decided to go ahead and see how that went since I feel like I spend so much time feeding, changing diapers, picking up after the kids, bathing, etc.  I figure if I can cut some time out some where, then I might as well do it.  Josiah was very sweet with her.  I bath Sophie and Josiah sits in the tub and "helps" me.  Then I get Josiah cleaned up while Sophie sits in her lounge chair.  I get Sophie dressed in the bathroom while Josiah plays with his toys, then it's time for Josiah to get out and Sophie just chills in her swing.  It seems to be working for now, and I'm glad to save some time in the process! 

Please be in prayer next weekend.  Chris is going away on a youth trip, so it will be the first time without him.  I tend not to sleep very well while he is gone, so prayers that I sleep well will be appreciated