Sunday, April 26, 2009

Need Me a Little Country

Well, Josiah and I went to NC for a few days.  We left Thursday morning around 8:30 and didn't get to Goldsboro until 3:00.  It took us 1 hour to go 10 miles--guess it was still rush hour!  Josiah feel asleep after we started picking up some speed and slept until lunch time.  We took a nice long lunch break.  We got back in the car and he played for a little bit before falling back asleep.  He slept for almost 2 hours.  I had wonder baby traveling with me!  We stopped at Papa T's office to say hi and then went to my old school to see if there were any teachers still around. Most of them had already left for the day.  We headed to the house to be greeted by Lin-Lin.  After visiting for a little while, we decided to go for a walk.  It was nice to have some fresh air and enjoy the warm weather.  Josiah enjoyed spending time with Papa T when he got home from work.  They were both pretty captivated with each other. 

On Friday, we took our car to the Toyota mechanic because the check engine light came on our way down.  After spending most of the morning at the shop and shelling out some money, it is as good as new!  Lin-Lin was nice enough to let us use her car so we could go visit our friends.  We went to the school to see some of my friends.  Then we meet Lin-Lin and Linda Meyer for lunch.  After lunch, I got my hair cut.  We came home for a nap.  Picked up my" new" and improved car.  Then we met Auntie Coco for a visit--we're still waiting for someone to come and take our order!  Wink Then we went to the soccer field to hang out with the Rasmussen family.  That was our last visit for the day.  Josiah was super, wonderful baby again!  He hung out with Lin-Lin and Papa T some more before he headed to bed. 

On Saturday, we went to visit Nana Pat before heading home.  Again, we took our time coming home.  Josiah slept until lunch.  We stopped to eat and play for a little bit.  Then we got back in the car, and he fell asleep  shortly after we got back on the road.  He slept almost the rest of the way home.  He was so excited to be back home and have his toys again.   He was even more excited when Chris got home.  It was around Josiah's bed time when he finally got home, but he was too excited that we let him stay up and play with Daddy.  After Josiah went to bed, Chris and I had a "date night."  We cooked dinner and had some sparkling cider and tried to watch a movie to find out that our TV died on us!  Cry  We don't have cable, so it won't that much of a lose.  I won't be able to do Wii Fit though so that makes me a little  Frown.

While in Goldsboro, I decided that I'm much more of a country girl than I realized.  It was so nice to see some trees and fields with farm animals.  God has always spoken to me through His creation.  I didn't realize how much I missed it until I spent some time in the country.  Today, we are going on a walk using some nature trails, so hopefully we will see some naturey things.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Back Home

Well, we have made it safely back home.  We had a very busy week when we were in GA.  We got back to Valdosta around 10:30pm.   Josiah feel asleep in the van.  We were hoping that it would be an easy transfer, but he ended up waking up.  We did his bed time routine of giving him his bath and something to eat.  We were hoping that it would keep him calm, and we could put him right to bed.  Well, our plan didn't work.  Instead, it gave Josiah a second wind.  He stayed up until midnight laughing and being a ham.  We got up around 6:30am on Sunday--his normal wake up time.  We went to church and then met some friends for lunch.  Sunday night my sister and her family came over for dinner and to see Josiah--Chris and I found out that we aren't as important anymore!  Smile  On Monday, Chris drove to ATL to see his Granny for the day.  Josiah and I hung out with my parents and grandmother.  We went out to lunch and did a little shopping.  On Tuesday, we went to see Papa Tim at work, so Daddy could get his eyes checked.  Josiah spent some time with just Mimi and Papa, so Daddy and Mommy could have a date.  On Wednesday, we went to the park.  It was an interesting experience.  There was a group of moms there with their kids having a going away party.  They had their food on the picnic tables and one lady left her keys and cellphone there (not a good choice in this day and age).  A man went up took the keys and cellphone and then started eating some of their food.  She realized her belongings were missing before he left.  They stopped him and asked him if he had their stuff.  He took it out of his pocket and handed it to the lady.  He also handed back the half eaten sandwich, but she didn't want that.  One of the other ladies called the police, and the young man hung around for the longest time eating the rest of the sandwich.  I would have expected him to run off, but he didn't.  Eventually, he started strolling off, so I got my camera and took a video of him.  My dad kept his eye on him, but he eventually got out of his sight before Valdosta's Finest showed up.  While the police were talking to the women, the man comes strolling back.  He wasn't arrested, but it made for an interesting morning.  That night we went over to Granny and Papa Gig's house for dinner and spent the night.  Josiah had lots of fun with the cats there.  They hadn't been around a baby before, so they didn't know to stay far, far away.  They eventually figured it out!  My parents' cats have been around plenty of kids, so they knew to keep their distance.  Thursday morning we went to visit some friends.  Then that afternoon we went to the strawberry patch.  That night my sister and her family came over again--they were sick all week, so we didn't get to see them very much.  Tayler spent the night with us.  We played some games and hung out.  On Friday, we visited with some more friends and then had lunch with Chris' mom before we left for Jacksonville.  We spent the night in Jacksonville, since our flight was so early in the morning.  We had a nice dinner with Mimi on Friday and then we all crashed pretty early.  We flew back to Norfolk where Uncle Chuck picked us up at the airport.  We went back to the house where Aunt Melody had made lunch.  We ate lunch and then brought Josiah down to the beach for a little walk.  He loved the wind, but wasn't so fond of the sand.  We got in the car and drove 3 1/2 hours home.  He was a little fussy Saturday night and Sunday, but he is doing so much better today.  As you can see, we had a busy time while in GA.  We enjoyed hanging out with our family and friends, but it is always nice to be back home.

Monday, April 6, 2009

First Flight

Well, I've made it safely to GA to see my family.  I was a wonder baby according to Mommy and Daddy.  I cooperated with their plan by getting up on Saturday and staying awake until we left for Norfolk, VA.  I took a nice long nap for Mommy and Daddy in the car.  I'm guessing Mommy took a nap with me since she was pretty tired from working 20 hours this week plus getting us all packed and still making some meals for Daddy and me.  We stopped around lunch time, and I ate a really great lunch and was in such a good mood.  Mommy and Daddy kept praying that I would be a good traveler today.  I don't know why they were so nervous about flying.  It was as if they expected something less than wonderful from me.  We did run into some spring break travelers.  In my less than mature days, I would have started crying with the stop and go traffic.  Now that I'm 9 months old, I'm more mature, so I talked with Mommy and Daddy while we waited in traffic.  We got to the airport in plenty of time for me to stretch out and play on my blanket.  I was a little distracted by all the people, but enjoyed my play time.  We flew on Southwest, so we didn't have assigned seats, so Mommy and Daddy picked the very last row on the plane.  They figured that if we were way back there people wouldn't want to sit beside us.  Well, their plan worked, and we had three seats all to ourselves!  I enjoyed looking out the window.  I got to see all the people working--driving trucks, loading those big bags that carry our clothes and those people who wave those big sticks in the air.  It was all so fascinating!  We got ready to take off, and I didn't have any problems.  No crying from me--remember, I'm 9 months and very mature!  After we got up in the air, Mommy and Daddy fed me my dinner.  Again, I ate like a champ!  Mommy and Daddy had the great idea of spreading my blanket on the floor with my toys so I could stretch out.  Well, it turned out to not be such a good idea.  I got a little fussy, so Daddy picked me up and then I decided my stomach didnt' feel so good, and I threw up all over him...I mean ALL over him.  It was a good thing that he had double layer of shirts on because I would have been a little embarrassed to see him walking around in his undershirt.  I spared Mommy from any throw up.  I figured it was the least I could do, since I save my special diaper presents for her when Daddy is at work.  Mommy got me changed into some clean clothes and then she gave me some of her good milk that helped me fall asleep.  I slept the rest of the way--even through the landing.  So other than Mommy and Daddy's well intentioned idea of letting me play, I liked the whole flying thing.  I'm looking forward to going back home and maybe Mommy and Daddy won't be so concerned with the direct flight thing next time.  Well, I should get going.  I have lots of people to entertain while I'm here, but wanted to let you all know how my first flight went.