Thursday, December 24, 2009

36 Weeks

It's Christmas Eve, and we had another doctor appointment today.  The doctor said that I'm still a good centimeter, but that I'm over 50% effaced.  She felt very confident that Sophie wouldn't arrive on Christmas.  Her estimate is in 2 to 3 weeks our little girl will be joining our family.  I keep telling Chris it will be January 7th that she will arrive. He keeps saying, she needs to come after January 9th since he will be having a youth lock-in on January 8th.  I guess we will have to wait and see when she gets here.  I am getting a little more tired each day.  I think it's because I'm not sleeping well at night and the fact that my body is getting ready to have her.  Chris continues to be an amazing husband by doing as much as he can to help me get my rest.  Heis working his schedule so he can be home earlier in the afternnon after Josiah gets up from his nap.   I am truly blessed to have such a loving and caring husband who truly knows the meaning of servanthood. 

We'll keep you posted on Sophie's progress.  I'll try to get pictures up from Christmas as soon as possible.  Again, we wish you a very Merry CHRISTmas.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

1 cm

I went to the doctor on Friday and found out that Sophie is head down....and I've dialated a "good centimeter."  Chris has said repeatedly that I will be having Sophie before her due date, so we will just have to wait and see.  I have been having LOTS more pressure and have been way more tired.  It's been hard getting around, but we manage.  Chris has been a big help with Josiah, so I'm thankful for that.  It is hard to pick up and carry 23 lbs. 

Sophie's nursery is all done except for the rocking chair.  I've even gotten all her things we will need for the hospital.  Now, I just need to get my things ready.  I guess since I've started dialating the doctors are wanting to see me every week.  So I go back on Dec. 24th for another check check-up.

We can't believe that CHRISTmas is less than a week away.  We are looking forward to having Josiah's "first" CHRISTmas.  I know he had one last year, but he wasn't really interested in all the CHRISTmas traditions and fun.  This year, he has really gotten in to doing his advent chart each night.  We have a little book with a Bible verse that we read and then he has to put a sticker on the path that leads Mary and Joseph to the manager.  He has a lot of fun putting the sticker on.  If we haven't done it by the end of dinner, he points to where his book is and signs "please."  We look forward to the future with Sophie and having a time of advent devotions with the two of them.

Blizzard 2009

Well, we survived our first blizzard as a family.  We got around 22 inches of snow!  This was Chris and Josiah's first big snowfall.  I think it was pretty special that they could experience that together.  Chris worked extra hard outside keeping the walks clear and the car cleaned off--just in case.  He also had to work extra hard because all he had was a garden shovel.  I've yet to let him live down the fact that earlier in the week I told him he should go ahead an buy a snow shovel, and he said that he would get one later.  Well, Friday night, he was out looking for one---and surprise---they were all sold out!  I told him that either he or I will be buying a shovel this week because I'm not going into labor with a possible snow storm and watching him shovel with a garden shovel! 

Josiah enjoyed being outside, but we weren't really surprised by that.  He was enjoying the snow until he tripped and fell face first into a pile of snow.  After that, he wasn't too sure about it. We went back out today, and he was fine with the snow again.  We didn't do too much with the snow except pick up balls of snow and toss them.  I think if he was just a little bit older and I wasn't so pregnant, we could of had more fun.

We are suppose to get more snow on CHRISTmas day, so I hope they are correct and we get to have a white CHRISTmas.   Come back after CHRISTmas to see all the fun pictures we take.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Shower of Blessings

Well, I just got home a little bit ago from Sophie's baby shower at our church.  All I can say is, "WOW!"  Our church family has truly blessed us with showering Sophie.  I feel like we are definitely ready for our little one to arrive.  We were blessed with some adorable girly clothes, diapers, blankets, burp clothes, lamp for her room, toys, changing pad, books, onesies and crib sheets.  We have seen the love our church has for Josiah, and we know that Sophie will be just as loved. 

I'm in the process of washing all of her things.  Josiah was a big helper as I was cutting all the tags off.  A couple of times he threw some of her clothing in the trash bag, but that didn't stop me from letting him help.  One of the ladies gave Josiah a "Big Brother" gift.  A fire truck with lots of buttons that make cool noises.  He has been enjoying it since he opened it up.

I hope to get the pictures downloaded in the next few days.  The next 7 weeks are definitely going to go by very quickly.  We have a nursery to finish and bags to pack and a little boy to continue to love on plus Christmas and Chris' birthday.  I would much rather the next few weeks go by quickly than slowly--I might regret thinking that!  Laughing

Until next time...take care and enjoy this CHRISTmas season!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Snow, Snow, Snow

Well, we are having our first snowfall of the season.  It is 4pm and it's been snowing since about 7am.  It's been snowing pretty consistently, so we have quite a bit of the white stuff.  We did bundle Josiah up and took him outside for a little stroll to get the mail.  Mommy had a hard time finding a jacket to button up with my big ol' Sophie belly.  I wasn't too cold because as Chris put it, "You have a built in heater."  Josiah looked like a marshmallow man with his winter jacket on--I will be posting pictures at some point today. 

We've had a pretty lazy day.  We started off this morning by having a family breakfast of pancakes as we watched the snow falling.  Then we played in front of the fireplace.  I was able to get my Christmas letters in the envelopes--now we just need to seal them--I think I was pass that job off to Chris--all that glue CAN'T be safe for Sophie! Laughing  Then we had some baked potatoes for lunch with all the fixin's and then took a nap.  We will probably hang out and play some more before we make Calzones for dinner.  Good think I'm pregnant so I don't have to feel bad about eating all this good food.

I was supposed to have a baby shower today, but because the snow came earlier than expected we thought it best to let everyone stay in the safety of their home.  If church isn't cancelled tomorrow then we will just do after the service.  With all this snow, I'm praying that Sophie's day of arrival won't be filled with a big snow storm.

Everyone is doing well though.  Josiah and I have had a bit of a stomach bug since last weekend.  No fevers or anything, so we're thankful for that.  I'm doing much better, but Josiah still has his moments when things aren't settling very well.  He's been in great spirits and still full of energy, so I guess he isn't too bothered by it!

I can't believe we are only 7 weeks away from our due date.  Chris has started some painting.  He primed Josiah's room yesterday and plans to paint it on Tuesday, then paint Sophie's room on Friday.  We got her bedding yesterday and still waiting for the changing table to arrive.  So before much longer we will have her nursery all ready for her arrival.  I will try to get Chris to take a picture of my belly, so you can see the growth that she is making.

Well, I should get going--Josiah has figured out how to take the knobs off from our cabinet, so I guess  I need to go do a little more supervising before he destroys something serious! Laughing