Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Trip to NC

Well, we just got back from spending the weekend in NC.  We were able to meet Baby Harper for the first time--she's absolutely beautiful--if her proud Auntie can say that without being considered biased! 

The trip down to NC was pretty rough.  Josiah got his first fever on our way down there.  He was acting very clingy on Thursday, but wasn't running a fever.  I just thought he was needing some extra mommy time since we had a pretty busy week.  We also thought he might being cutting  his second tooth, so we didn't think too much about it.  Well, an hour into our trip, Josiah just starts screaming.  We thought maybe he wasn't too excited about traveling since this was his first long trip since we moved to VA.  We pull over to see what is wrong, and he ends up eating.  We get him calmed down and get back on the road. About an hour later, he starts screaming again.  This time when we stop , he is burning up.  We go ahead and take his temperature and it is 101.7.  At this point, we are half way there.  We give him some Tylenol and start praying fervently.  He calms down again, but an hour later he is screaming some more.  I start feeling like a horrible mother because here I am traveling with a sick baby.  I feed him some more and just hold him for awhile.  He gets calmed down.  At that point, Chris and I decide that if he wakes up screaming again, we will just get a hotel room for the night.  We get back on the road, and Josiah falls asleep until about 30 minutes from Goldsboro.  This time when he got up, he woke up in a fairly decent mood.  When we arrived in Goldsboro, we took his temperature again---it had gone down almost 2 degrees!  By the time he woke up the next morning, his temperature had returned to normal and we had our happy Josiah again!  I know without a doubt that our prayers were answered that night, and we praise the Lord for answering them. 

We enjoyed our time getting to know Harper and visiting with Corey and Simon.  It was fun comparing stories about what Josiah and Harper are doing.  We wish we lived closer, so the cousins could spend more time together.  We are so appreciative of Corey and Simon being willing to spend the time and money to travel to the US for a visit.  We hope to have our first visit to England this coming fall. While in NC, we were able to visit some of our friends.  Then on Sunday Harper was baptized.  Chris was able to say a special prayer for Harper just before she was baptized.  It was nice that he was able to take part in the ceremony.  After the ceremony we went out for lunch.  Chris and I have been practicing at home with Josiah on going out to eat.  After he finishes eating, he is given a toy to play with until we finish eating.  He did an EXCELLENT job going out to eat for the first time.  He ate his food like he was suppose to and then played with his toy while we finished.  I couldn't have been prouder of him!  The rest of the time was spent hanging out with the family and just catching up.  We also did quite a bit of walking to balance out all the eating we did there! 

Our trip home was a lot less eventful than the one going down---for that I praise the Lord!  He was so much fun in the car.  He has the personality of his Uncle Richard---I will-keep-doing-something-as-long-as-it-is-making-you-laugh.  Josiah does bring so much laughter to our lives, and we are so thankful for the laughter.  I hope we as a family never stop laughing and being silly together.

Well, I should get going because I have tons of things to put up from our trip and the laundry isn't getting done by itself.  Hope you enjoy the pictures we took while in NC.