Friday, June 27, 2008

2 cm and walking

Well, we are just getting back from the doctor and running some errands. Josiah has been working hard this past week. I am now 2 cm dilated and 50% effaced with his head down. The doctor went ahead and removed my membrane in hopes that this will help with labor. We have an appointment for Tuesday, but he said that the chances of me making it until then will not be very likely. He says if I do come back on Tuesday, they will probably help the process along. I will probably be doing lots more walking with the encouragement of my husband and mom--they've had me out and about for the last two days. We will keep you posted. Thanks for the continued prayers and please continue to pray as we wait and prepare for Josiah's arrival.

Friday, June 20, 2008

A little sweet nothing

Well, nothing has been happening over the last week as far as Baby Josiah is concerned. The doctor said that I haven't dilated and that my cervix is still back. So all those Braxton Hicks were for nothing! : ( That's okay though because Josiah isn't ready to make his entrance. If he needs more time to grow and prepare, then we will try to wait patiently for him. The doctor did say that he is head down still, so that is a relief. Josiah didn't really like the doctor checking me out today because he was doing quite a bit of kicking! My blood sugar was a little high today. A bit of advice--don't treat yourself to a sweet tea before going for a doctor's appointment! The doctor wasn't concerned about it, but I will remember that for the next visit.

Well, that is it for now. Chris can go to SC with little fear of me going into labor this weekend. We'll keep you posted if anything changes.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

A word from dad

It's late, and I just finished watching "The Great Debaters" with my dad. I would recommend the movie to anyone who wants to experience the pain and hope of the 1930's. I was most struck by the role Forest Whitaker played in the movie. He played a father figure which I must say I greatly admired. He was firm and tough on his son at times, yet was not to proud to humble himself for the sake of his family. He defended the right for his son to walk a walk of integrity and did so by modeling that life throughout the movie.
I hope to be that kind of father. I hope my son sees me as a father who is firm and tough, yet loves him with all that is in me. I pray that I can teach him what it is to walk humbly before the Lord. To love justice and defend the weak and downtrodden. I hope to teach him that "an unjust law is no law at all." - St. Augustine.

I am not a perfect man, and those of you that know me at all have probably seen my imperfections in one way or another, but I often wonder is the mark of a Godly man perfection or the willingness to never give up seeking to follow the One who was perfect? I feel unprepared to be a father, and yet I feel I was made to be one. I can't wait to see my son for the first time within the next few weeks (I have him penciled in for next Monday...we'll see HAHA). I wish I could maintain an ongoing to see Jesus with the same intensity I long to see my son. Alas, the world is so enticing and deceitful it is hard to keep the main thing the main thing.

Well, I suppose I have rambled enough. I would like to close this posting with a prayer for Josiah. I would encourage any of you to pray this with me over the next few days until he joins us out here where the air is, but if you have your own words by all means pray away.

God of Abraham, Isacc, and Jacob
will you on this day please be with Baby Josiah.

Will you please nurture him, protect him, and
strengthen him for the trials that await him in this world.

Will you so surround him with your presence
that even in his sinfulness he might know true peace.

Will you place in his spirit a sense of longing
to know you in your fullness and glory.

Will you guide him towards all that
brings you glory as he lives in this world.

Will you lead him away from all glory
that distracts him from seeking you.

Will you give him the wisdom to
look past his parent's faults and see your face.

Will you grant him a ministry that will usher in the
coming of your Son and the declaring of your Name.

I ask that you do all of this for one sole reason:
The magnification of your name throughout the earth.

In the name which is above all other names
The name of the Hope of the world, Jesus Christ


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Almost 39 Weeks

Tomorrow we go to the doctor's, and he will do our first internal exam to see if the process of having Josiah has started. It looks and feels like he has started dropping, and I have been having some mild "cramping" the last week. I am hoping the doctor gives us some good news even though Daddy says Josiah can't come until after this weekend because it's not a good time for him! : ) The reason Daddy doesn't want him to come until after this weekend is because he will be going to SC on Saturday to preach at a church that is a good possibility for a position. My mom will be coming into town on Friday and staying with my cousins just in case Josiah decides to not listen to his daddy. We will be planning a trip to VA after Josiah arrives to visit another church that is interested in Chris. There is still a church in MI, but they won't be meeting for a couple of weeks due to committee members being out of town. Doors seem to be opening up, and we continue to pray that God will give us a clear picture on where we need to go.

We had a great, long weekend. Corey and Simon flew in from England on Friday, and we have had lots of fun catching up. We had a baby shower for Baby Girl Gildener on Monday. It was so nice to be able to celebrate this new life while they were here. We can't wait for Baby Gildener to arrive--but not too soon because she needs to grown some more in her mommy's tummy. Corey and Simon are talking about coming home in January. We will make sure to come back for a visit then so the cousins can meet.

Not much else is going on here. Just anxiously waiting for Josiah to arrive. We will post any information we find out tomorrow after we get home from the doctor's office. Make sure to check out the new photo album to see all the pictures from the "family visit." Keep us in your prayers as Chris travels this weekend and we prepare for Josiah to come.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

36 Weeks

Well, we are just under 4 weeks until our due date. The next few weeks should go by pretty quickly. This is my last week of school with the kids. Then I have a week of teacher work days. Corey and Simon will be here the weekend of the 13th for a few days. My mom is coming up on the 20th because Chris is going to South Carolina to preach at a church that weekend. So as you can see the month of June will be pretty busy and should go by quickly.

Chris and I finished our birthing classes last week. We had a lot of fun! Chris was pretty traumatized from watching the video on the delivery of the afterbirth. I embarrassed him on the last night when we were playing Jeopardy on the list of words our instructor gave us. My competitive side came out a little bit.

We are excited about the future and just wish it would get here soon!
:-) This whole journey has been such a blessing as we've watched and experienced the growth of a new life. We often wonder if God sits back with a smile on His face as He watches us grow and live this life He has given us. We have learned and experienced so much! From what after birth looks like (yuck!) to new exciting products that can repel "Micro-Bial" (Just ask Sara about that one!) Thanks for being a part of this journey and keep those prayers coming down the stretch as we all finish this part of the race.