Sunday, April 27, 2008


Well, we have less than nine weeks left (hopefully), and we have been preparing the best we can. God has been so good to provide for all our needs. Chris hopes to hear from the PA church soon about a possible face to face interview time. We have been coming up with a game plan (some call it nesting) to prepare for having the baby here in Goldsboro. Linda has graciously offered for her and Dad to stay at another house and allow Mary to move in for the pre/post due date time. This is a huge blessing and should work well for everyone. We are starting our pregnancy classes this upcoming Thursday and will meet throughout the month of May. Chris will graduate officially from Campbell the weekend of Mother's Day. We are excited to spend time with family and friends for this special time. Sara is doing well and is counting every day down for the baby and for the end of school! She has been a real trooper. Some friends of ours (Brad and Rayel) just had their first baby this past Monday. We are so excited for them and it makes our little guy's arrival date seem much more real. Thank you again for all your love and support. Each of you hold a special place in our hearts and prayers.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Baby Shower Games

The winners will be receiving their gift cards in the mail shortly but
thought we would post the answers and the winners for each game. A few games had multiple winners, so I numbered each response randomly, called Sue on the phone and she picked numbers not knowing why her mom was asking her to pick numbers, but Sue doesn't get too surprised by too much that I do anymore. Okay so here goes!

1. We'll have to wait on the Date/Time/Length/Weight until the little
one arrives, but we have the master list.

2. Animal Babies - We had seven correct - Joan Perry was selected

Alligator - hatchling, bull, cow, congregation
Alpaca - cria, male, female, herd
Bee - larva, drone, queen, swarm
Camel - calf, bull, cow, flock
Dove - squab, cock, hen, dole
Goat - kid, billy, nanny, herd
Goose - gosling, gander, goose, gaggle
Horse - foal, stallion, mare, herd
Kangaroo - joey, jack, jill, troop
Falcon - chick, tercel, falcon, cast
Mallard - duckling, drake, duck, flush
Mouse - pinkie, buck, doe, horde
Penguin - chick, male, female, rookery
Gerbil - pup, buck, doe, horde
Badger - kit/cub, board, sow, cete
Whale - calf, bull, cow, pod
Prairie Dog - pup, board, sow, caterie/town
Squirrel - Pup, buck, doe, dray
Crow - chick, cock, hen, murder
Swan - cygnet, cob, pen, bevy
Turkey - poult, tom, hen, rafter

3. Crossword Puzzle - 3 correct - Jane/Liza were randomly picked
1 often sent with birth announcement - picture
7 these keep babies feet warm - booties
9 toy often hung over baby's crib - mobile
11 skin irritation on baby's bottom - diaper rash
13 kept in fridge, used to sooth aching gums - teething ring
16 where baby's diaper is refreshed - changing table
19 newborn food bought in the store - formula
20 squeezing all the water from the washcloth - wringing
23 something you wrap baby in - blanket
24 baby wheels - stroller
25 fictitious creature that delivers baby - stork
26 used to take baby's temperature - thermometer

2 baby's bed - crib
3 baby sized noisemaker - rattle
4 baby doctor - pediatrician
5 how daddy feeds baby - bottle
6 where baby rides in car - car seat
8 used to make baby a pendulum - swing
10 baby soother - pacifier
12 baby protective gear at mealtime - bib
14 where some newborns sleep - bassinet
15 what the doctor used to monitor baby's size - growth chart
17 shoulder protection during mealtime - burp cloth
18 device to make toddler mobile - walker
21 baby's clothing worn under the "real" outfit - onesie
22 was the most missed - to protect baby, sometimes negative - CODDLE

4.Baby Name Search - 13 correct - Kristen Martin was randomly selected

5. Toilet Paper Game - Sara is 10.5 sheets around

Kim Kellam guessed 11. Other responses ranged from 12 - 50!

6. Bible Babies - 5 correct - Ellen and Amelia were randomly selected
Note to all: Ellen's boss Dr. Dan was the one who actually did the test,
but since it seems many sought outside help, we didn't disqualify her...
good going Dr. Dan!

Isaac - Abraham & Sarah
Ishmael - Abraham and Hagar
Jesus - Joseph & Mary
John - Zechariah and Elizabeth
Joseph - Jacob & Rebecca
Cain - Adam & Eve
Joel - Son of Samuel
David - Son of Jesse
Josiah - Son of Amon
Judah - Jacob & Leah
Esther - Daughter of Abihail
Rachel - Daughter of Laban
Joseph - Jacob & Rachel
Aaron - Amram and Jochebed
Sarah - Daughter of Asher
Noah - Son of Lamech
Johan - Son of Shimeah
Rehoboam - Son of Solomon
Nehemiah - Son of Hachaliah
Rebecca - Daugther of Bethuel

7. The Diaper/Candy Game - 6 correct - Doris/Jaycee were randomly

3 Musketeer Mint - Sheryl Amegin, Brooke Davis, Rayel, Ginger
Butterfinger - Doris Martin, Chris Royea, Ellen Ryan, Nancy Milne
Reese's Peanut Butter Cup - Holly Freeling, Wendy Martin, Heather
Halter, Celeste Vernon
Rolo - LaNae Johnson, Molly Perry, Stephanie Spencer, Heidi Royea
Snicker's - Becky O'Connor, Sonya Spaulding, Kristen Murphy, Jane Perry
Mounds - Kim Kellam, Tami Royea
5th Avenue - Joan Perry, Nan Nye, Kristen Martin, Bethany Fox

8. The Words you could make out of Josiah Potter Greenwood - Winner Chris Royea with a an honorable mention to Stephanie Spencer and Heather Halter. Longest word was from Joan Perry - 9 letters

9. What is Sara Wearing - Heather Halter

Heather guessed a green shirt with black capris. Sara was wearing a
green and white top with black capris.

Thanks again for making this special time for Sara and Chris so much


Saturday, April 12, 2008

It's Raining, It's Pouring

Chris and I had our virtual baby shower last night, and we again are overwhelmed by the blessings of our family and friends! We are so appreciative of all the gifts that have been sent to Josiah. We had LOTS of fun playing the games with you. Chris used his new video camera to record the fun we were having. The file will be too big to download on the website, but we will put some still pictures in an album for you to see.

We are so thankful for all the gifts that were given to us. Josiah's nursery is ready to put together now that we have his rocking chair, bedding set, mobile and hamper. Now, we just need to find him a nursery! : ) We are praying that it will be sooner than later, but know that God will have us move when He is ready.

We look forward to dressing Josiah in all the adorable clothing that we received. It's hard to image someone that small fitting into it! We can't wait to cuddle him in his new blankets and to play with him on some of the bigger floor blankets we received. Bath time will be a big splash when we use his new bath seat and wash clothes we received. I'm sure that Josiah will get use out of his new swing when he has his "wake time" (aka-crying time). We look forward to putting him in his bebe seat as he learns to sit up and when we have special picnics in the living room on rainy days. Daddy looks forward to reading the new books we got--Josiah already loves reading time with Daddy. I look forward to when Daddy uses the bottle warmer so Mommy can have a night here and there without having to get up! : ) We look forward to worshiping with Josiah with his new worship/lullaby CD and capturing memories in his photo album and journal. We also appreciate all the gift cards we received. I'm sure there will be plenty of things we will need to purchase--um, more diapers--after he is born. : )

Again, we want to thank you for celebrating Josiah's upcoming arrival and helping us to prepare for our precious little gift. You will never know how truly grateful we are to all of you!

"Sing to the Lord with thanksgiving; make melody to our God on lyre!"
-Psalm 147:7

Saturday, April 5, 2008

First Plane Ride

Well, we had our first plane ride to Georgia this weekend as a family. It is probably the only time people will be excited to see Josiah get on a plane with us! : )

Chris and I had an enjoyable flight after having a little bit of a delay due to weather. It was a little warm for the Mommy, but after taking some layers off and putting the air on me, I did just fine. I guess this is a sign of what is to come when I go through menopause. Poor Chris!

We spent Friday morning in Fitzgerald, so Chris could get his eyes checked and get some new glasses. Mommy and Mimi did a little shopping for some cooler clothes. We ate some lunch, then headed back to Valdosta to have an ultrasound done at the Pregnancy Support Center. Tayler and Mimi came along to meet Josiah. Tayler thought it was neat to see her cousin. Josiah was "blowing us kisses" during the ultrasound and was giving Mommy some good punches and kicks. It still amazes us how God has created this little guy! After the ultrasound, we did a little more shopping at a maternity consignment shop and found some more cooler clothes. I have a need for cooler clothes because the school system I work for won't turn on the air conditioning for a few more weeks even though the weather has been in the upper 70's and lower 80's. After shopping, we came home and hung out for a little while before we got ready for the rehearsal dinner. It was so nice to see Ellis and Jenny and to celebrate their love for each other. When we got home from the rehearsal dinner, Mommy went to bed and Daddy decided to take some time to unwind by playing the Wii.

I will take a few minutes to update you on Chris' position search. He had a phone interview a little over a week ago with a church in Pennsylvania. The next afternoon, they called to tell us that Chris was their first choice. They said that they had a lot of things going on at the church this week, but they would be getting back with us to let us know what the next step would be. We are excited about this position, Pastor of Student Ministries, and how God could use us at this church. We are excited about the potential move to Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania. We will keep you posted on the position. Please continue to pray that this will all work out before Josiah makes his entrance into the world.